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King Of The Hill EpisodesSeason 13    

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  • Lucky See, Monkey Do
    When Peggy throws a baby shower for Luanne, Lucky invites his sister Myrna and her two children to the party. Peggy and Myrna bond when Peggy realizes Myrna is nothing like Lucky. She is a modern, clean-cut, no-nonsense mom who parents by the book, and leads Peggy to realize her parenting skills are old-fashioned. The two women butt heads over how Luanne will raise her baby.

  • What Happens At The National Propane Gas Convention In Memphis Stays At The National Propane Gas Convention In Memphis
    When Hank's boss, Buck Strickland, is invited to the National Propane Gas Convention as the newest inductee into the Propane Hall of Fame, he asks Hank to accompany him. Although Hank is honored, he quickly realizes his primary responsibility will be babysitting Buck and preventing him from getting into trouble. Hank's job is made that much more difficult when Buck meets his illegitimate son Ray Roy at the convention and stays out late carousing with him.

  • Master Of Puppets
    When Peggy and Hank's date night runs late, they forget to pick up Bobby at the mall. An angry Bobby uses his parents' guilt over the incident to pit them against one another in a fight for his affection. When Peggy and Hank stop giving him everything he wants and offer him more time with them instead, Bobby fesses up to what his devious strategy has been.

  • Bwah My Nose
    Hank and his buddies sulk as the anniversary of their big high school football championship loss approaches. With the winning team mocking them, Hank and the gang ask for a rematch. During a practice session, Hank breaks his nose. He goes to a plastic surgeon to get it fixed, and is extremely pleased with his new nose so much so that he is afraid to play football and run the risk of damaging it. When Hank realizes his teammates need him for the most important comeback game of their lives, he rethinks his decision.

  • Uncool Customer
    When Peggy goes shopping for a cassette tape at a record store, she realizes how uncool she really is and sends herself on a quest to learn what is "in." She befriends Katt Savage, the coolest and most glamorous mom at Bobby's cotillion classes. Katt takes Peggy to trendy wine bars, introduces her to cool new people and shows her the latest fashions. When Katt invites Bobby and Peggy to her daughter's coming-out party, Peggy and Bobby dress to impress and try to act sophisticated.

  • Nancy Does Dallas
    Hank becomes a "Dale" sitter when Nancy Gribble leaves the small-town local news arena in Arlen for the bright lights of Dallas field reporting. With Nancy away, Dale finds the independence he has been longing for, but when he gets out of hand, Peggy and Hank beg Nancy to come home.

  • Born Again On The Fourth Of July
    After Bobby pushes Hank's last nerve with his constant misbehavior, Lucky offers Bobby an intervention at his local church. Bobby finally sees the light and feels it is his duty to turn everyone's life around and bring peace to Arlen. Meanwhile, Hank and the guys battle it out with a rival neighborhood over who can display the grandest Fourth of July fireworks spectacular.

  • Serves Me Right For Giving General George S. Patton The Bathroom Key
    Hank receives a special delivery of his recently deceased father's personal belongings. The box contains Cotton's war medals, his military uniform, paperwork and a tape recorder with Cotton explaining his last wishes. The elder Hill's last wishes are a multitude of bizarre requests, but the final task requires flushing Cotton's ashes down a toilet that General George S. Patton once used. Meanwhile, Dale and Bill become bitter enemies over an empty beer can left on the ground.

  • Bad News Bill
    When Hank tries to be realistic about Bobby's below-average baseball abilities, he is vilified by Bobby's over enthusiastic Little League coach. He quickly realizes the coach is trying to build Bobby's self-confidence and help him become a better baseball player. Hank turns to a team volunteer for some guidance on how to get back into good graces with the coach.

  • Manger Baby Einstein
    When Luanne loses her main source of income, she turns to her aunt Peggy for career guidance. They discover that Luanne has a natural talent for entertaining children with puppets she bought for baby Gracie. After several successful performances at local fairs, Luanne is discovered by up-and-coming agent/manager John Redcorn. He decides to invest time and money into Luanne's career, but Luanne soon realizes how fickle the children's entertainment industry can be.

  • Uh-Oh Canada
    When Boomhauer swaps homes with a Canadian family for the summer, Hank and the guys go out of their way to make the new family feel welcome and at home in Arlen. Gordon and his family become friendly with the neighbors, but are less-than-agreeable when it comes to the boys' American ways.

  • The Boy Can't Help It
    Bobby becomes quite the ladies' man when several girls in his class consider him as a potential date for the Homecoming dance. Bobby gets wined and dined but soon discovers he is being played for a fool.

  • To Sirloin With Love
    Hank encourages Bobby to take a position on the meat examination team and Bobby soon finds himself becoming an expert in judging the quality of raw meat. Bobby's new found passion brings the Hill men closer as they bond as father and son for the first time.
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