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Pushing Daisies

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Tim EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Angry Unpaid Hooker
    Tim tries to explain why a prostitute named Debbie is in his apartment when his girlfriend Amy and her parents arrive home early from a cruise.

  • Rodney's Bachelor Party
    Trying to save face after his bachelor party fails to live up to expectations, a co-worker makes up a debauched tale that complicates Tim's life.

  • Latino Tim
    Tim is asked by his boss to act like he's the Hispanic Vice President of his company and begrudgingly agrees.

  • The Priest Is Drunk
    While at his girlfriends sister's wedding, Tim strikes up a conversation with an unconventional priest.

  • Senior Prom
    Tim must take the boss's daughter to her senior prom in order to get a promotion.

  • Tim Fights An Old Man
    Tim tries to give an elderly man his bus seat.

  • Mad Dog Tim
    Tim gets a new nickname.

  • Monday Night Confession
    A major embarrassment occurs at a family baptism.

  • Tim, Stu And Marie
    Tim regrets joining Stu on his first date with Marie.

  • Miss February
    Tim makes a mistake while trying to buy a Valentine's gift for Amy.

  • Bashko's Hairy Daughter
    Tim shows his superintendent's daughter the ropes.

  • Tim's Not Singing
    Debbie tries to help when Tim screws up with his co-workers.

  • Hottest Babes On The Planet
    Rodney and Stu get Tim into trouble with a prank.

  • Suck It Philly
    Tim shows Amy's father a good time.

  • Insurmountable High Score
    Tim's pep talk ruins the mail guy's life.

  • Tim vs. The Baby
    Amy accuses Tim of being anti-baby.

  • Mugger
    Tim ruins a mugger's life after being attacked on the subway.

  • Cin City
    Tim goes on a business trip with an older colleague.

  • Theo Strikes Back
    After offending the IT guy, Tim is implicated in an affair with the boss' wife.

  • Amy Gets Wasted
    Following a drunken indiscretion, Amy gives Tim a "free pass."
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