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Pushing Daisies

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Tim EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Tim's Beard
    Tim's post-breakup beard winds up interfering with his job.

  • Unjustly Neglected Drama
    Stu's drug dealer entices him and Tim to attend a play.

  • The Comeback Sermon
    Tim runs into the priest, who's preparing to return to the pulpit after his suspension.

  • Atlantic City
    Tim, Stu and Rodney play hooky in Atlantic City, where they meet a stripper who looks very familiar.

  • Legend Of The Month
    A firefighter claims she saved Tim's life.

  • Marie's Dead Husband
    Tim gets sucked into a coworker's lies.

  • The Girl Scout Incident
    Tim hatches a moneymaking plan for a boy-scout troop.

  • Rodney Has A Wife?
    Rodney suspects his wife is having an affair with one of his favorite hockey players.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Gone Wild
    When a lack of insurance forces Tim to see a doctor in New Jersey, he gets a ride back to New York with a self-medicating pharmaceutical sales representative.

  • Amy's Got A Gun
    Amy and Tim have different reactions to a home intrusion.

  • The Salty Jazz
    The Boss goes to a jazz club with Tim, Stu and Rodney.

  • Jews Love To Laugh
    Amy's colleague comes to regret his purchase of Tim's favorite bar.

  • Nagging Blonde
    Tim spends a day at the races, and is inspired by Amy.

  • Elephant
    Tim gets on an elephant trainer's nerves during a circus' stop in New York.

  • Debbie's Mom
    Debbie reads Tim's palm and tells him about his future on Staten Island.

  • Escape Artist
    An escape artist may be out of a job after Tim attends a corporate retreat in Coney Island.

  • Personality Disorder
    Tim's Halloween costume draws unexpected reactions.

  • Pong
    Stu uses his newly discovered table-tennis prowess to meet women.

  • London Calling
    Tim's job is in jeopardy during a visit by Omnicorp's British chairman.

  • Novelist
    A chance encounter with a novelist encourages Tim to pursue his dream of being an author.
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