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Lil' Bush EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Iraq/First Kiss
    The gang shops for Father's Day gifts in Iraq, and bets on who can be the first to kiss someone.

  • Nuked/Camp
    Lil' Kim Jong-il causes trouble for Lil' George at school. Later, the gang discovers a summer camp run by Al Qaeda.

  • Gay Friend/Mexican
    Lil' George befriends Lil' Tony Blair, but their parents are weary of the relationship. Later, the gang get immigrants to do jobs for them.

  • Global Warming/Hall Monitor
    The gang attempts to undermine Lil' Al Gore's Lil' Live Earth concert. Later, Lil' George exploits his hall-monitor privileges.

  • Evolution/Press Corps Dinner
    Lil' George struggles with the teaching of evolution in his science class. Later, he takes shots at his dad during a White House press-corps dinner.

  • Hot Dog/Haunted House
    Lil' George clashes with Lil' Mikey Moore over hot dogs. Later, Lil' George and the gang accept a dare to sleep in the White House's haunted attic.
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