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Lil' Bush EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • St. Patrick's Day
    Lil' George and the gang try to save St. Patrick's Day from the liberal Lil' Dems with help from Lil' Karl Rove. Meanwhile, Barbara's tanning-bed sessions have unfortunate consequences.

  • Big Pharma
    The gang become addicted to pills when a drug company commandeers the school's book fair, creating a confrontation with a powerful CEO. Meanwhile, George Sr. looks for a boost before a big speech.

  • Crony Break-Up
    A fight causes the Lil' Gang to break up, so they seek out new friends, including Lil' Mitt Romney, Lil' Rudy Giuliani, Lil' Fred Thompson and Tiny Dennis Kucinich. Meanwhile, Jeb accidentally invents a diet fad.

  • Katrina
    George and Barbara punish the Lil' Gang for destroying the White House by sending them to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina, but their unruly behavior does more harm than good. Meanwhile, financial difficulties may force the president to put the White House on the market.

  • Three Dates
    With a school dance on the horizon, Lil' George's brain (voice of the B-52s' Fred Schneider) cautions him to be prudent, but he ignores his conscience and boldly lines up three dates. Meanwhile, the president endures a visit from the Saudi Arabian king that's humiliating. Pop-punk outfit Good Charlotte plays at Lil' George's dance as a cover band known as Good Charlotter.

  • Weekend At Saddamy's
    The gang accompanies the president on a camping trip to Baghdad, where Lil' George attempts to solve the Iraqi government's problems. Meanwhile, Lil' Bill Clinton's spring-break plans for the Lil' Democrats result in some unexpected exposure.

  • Afghanistan
    Al Qaeda kidnaps Lil' Cheney when it's learned that he is the perfect donor to replace Osama bin Laden's weak heart, forcing a dramatic rescue attempt by Lil' George and the gang in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Barbara gets some R&R in Jamaica.

  • Wedding
    The president and his wife fear the loss of Lil' George's innocence when he is invited to a risque party by Lil' Bill Clinton, so they propose a measure that will enable him to remain chaste. But the process results in a rendezvous between Barbara and Colin Powell.

  • Pooty-Poot
    After Lil' George is poisoned by Lil' Vladimir Putin, former wrestling champion Barbara prepares her son for a playground showdown between the two rivals. Meanwhile, Lil' Cheney has a difficult choice to make during a parenting experiment at school with Lil' Nancy Pelosi.

  • Anthem & China
    Lil' George and his friends face off against the Lil' Dems in a battle of the bands to see who can come up with the best new national anthem; the Lil' Gang competes with China in the Olympics to prevent the U.S. from being recalled by the Asian nation.
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