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The Looney Tunes Show EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Best Friends
    Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck go on a game show requiring them to answer questions about one another. Daffy's answers fail to impress, so he tries to make it up to Bugs by taking him on a cruise.

  • Members Only
    Daffy infiltrates an exclusive club, and Bugs meets Lola.

  • Jailbird And Jailbunny
    Bugs and Daffy go to prison.

  • Fish And Visitors
    Yosemite Sam bugs Bugs after a scheme goes awry.

  • Monster Talent
    Daffy offers boxing lessons; Speedy's pizzeria business takes off; and Bugs becomes famous.

  • Reunion
    Bugs helps Daffy try to better himself before his class reunion.

  • Casa De Calma
    Bugs and Daffy go to a spa but spend little time relaxing as they fight over a famous actress.

  • Devil Dog
    The Tasmanian Devil escapes from the zoo, and Bugs decides to adopt him.

  • The Foghorn Leghorn Story
    Daffy portrays Foghorn Leghorn in a movie; Bugs and Yosemite Sam find a vase buried in the backyard, and it could be valuable.

  • Eligible Bachelors
    Lola takes Bugs to Paris for a romantic trip; Daffy discovers Granny was a World War II spy.

  • Peel Of Fortune
    Daffy is short on cash.

  • Double Date
    Daffy considers romance after he wins a romantic outing for two.

  • To Bowl Or Not To Bowl
    Daffy faces his nemesis during a bowling tournament and must seek help from Bugs in order to win.

  • Newspaper Thief
    Daffy hunts down a thief who's been stealing newspapers from Bugs.

  • Bugs & Daffy Get A Job
    Bugs starts a new job, while Daffy has some work done.

  • That's My Baby
    Daffy reluctantly tries babysitting at his girlfriend's insistence.

  • Sunday Night Slice
    Bugs takes action after his favorite pizza shop closes.

  • The DMV
    Daffy must take a driving test in order to get his license.

  • Off Duty Cop
    Daffy pays homage to a 1970s detective-show star.

  • Working Duck
    Daffy is fired for snoozing on the job, and his luck worsens when Bugs kicks him out.

  • French Fries
    Daffy is at odds with Porky over French fries.

  • Beauty School
    Daffy learns to cut hair and finds his calling in life. Elsewhere, Porky takes dance lessons.

  • The Float
    A parade float proves problematic for Daffy.

  • The Shelf
    Bugs needs a shelf to hold his Nobel Prize, but the simple task of finding one becomes an ordeal.

  • The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder
    Daffy thinks Porky could be a killer. Also: Speedy makes changes at his pizza shop.

  • Point, Laser, Point
    Sylvester obsesses over a laser toy, while Bugs and Daffy try to lift the lonely Granny's spirits.
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