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Mr. Meaty EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    When Josh and Parker get locked in a freezer, Josh reflects on good times while Parker eats everything in sight.

  • Buffalo Burrito
    Josh is none too pleased about being stuck in a buffalo costume with Parker, who hasn't been particularly picky about good hygiene.

  • Parkerina
    Parker turns into a girl after eating too many pink hamburgers, and Josh takes full advantage of the situation by having his pal spy on their female associates.

  • Schnozzola
    Josh creates an acne remedy to remove a zit. It accidentally makes a nose fall off, so he and Parker attach a sausage to the nose.

  • Wedgelor
    Josh gains a muscular body by making a deal with an evil spirit that he finds in a protein-powder container.

  • The Fries That Bind
    Parker gets fed up with Josh's bad attitude and quits his job at Mr. Meaty to begin work at Soy What.

  • Moochmaster P.
    Parker gains a reputation at the mall as a moocher.

  • Hamish
    Parker finds a new best friend after Josh ditches him for a movie with Goth Girl.

  • Tater Turf
    Josh uses his one and only dance move to scare off the Tater-tots.

  • Nosferateens
    Josh and Parker are enthusiastic about turning into vampires, but they soon discover that being undead has its drawbacks.

  • I Love Lizzie
    The boys compete to impress a new female coworker, but it turns out that she has a freaky secret.

  • The Tell-Tale Burger
    Josh suffers a guilty conscience after he pins the blame for breaking the deep fryer on Parker.

  • Parker's Date
    Josh tries to make Parker less geeky in preparation for their double date.

  • Model Employee
    A robotic employee named Chip proves himself to be a valuable asset and friend to Josh, but as far as Parker's concerned, Chip poses a threat to his job.

  • Roast Beef Barb
    Parker creates Josh the perfect girlfriend... made of meat.

  • My Eddie
    Parker acts like a proud papa when he raises a baby yeti, but things change when the creature grows up.

  • Doug Of The Dead
    Parker and Josh come up with a way for real zombies to appear in the horror movie they are filming.

  • Suburbs Of The Apes
    Parker and Josh build a time machine in hopes of changing the past.

  • Unihorn
    Parker and Josh each have different experiences with a magical unicorn.

  • Josh Off
    Josh is fed up with Parker dressing like a wizard, so he tells Parker to be cool and Parker dresses like him.

  • Original Sin
    Wink recalls the good old days at Mr. Meaty before the original owner was brought back by a couple of teens.

  • Ninjam
    Josh and Parker learn Ninjitsu to get revenge after being scared by bullies, but their cool new skills make them a bit overconfident.

  • Dinkleman
    Parker gets superpowers, leaving Josh feeling useless, until Parker begs for his help to return to normal.

  • The Incredible Jerk
    Parker is insulted once too often and changes into a beast that belittles everyone in the mall.
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