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Mr. Meaty EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Insecurity Guard
    Josh rebels against Parker's heavy-handed leadership.

  • Kids Party
    Josh hosts a party for Brittany's brother, but loses the little boy after he gets out of control.

  • Embarrassed To Death
    A video leaked onto the Internet causes Parker to literally die of embarrassment, but it's not his time to go yet.

  • Puppet Of Pop
    A pop idol comes to the mall to perform, and Josh and Parker ask to be in his band, hoping to get some attention from girls.

  • Nightmare On Josh Street
    In an attempt to be popular, Josh throws a no-nerds-allowed party, which Parker crashes.

  • Lord Of The Geeks
    When the cool kids mock the geeky kids for their live-action role-playing, their resulting battle summons a real monster.

  • Life's At Steak
    Josh decides to make the perfect steak but in the process it turns to life and is evil.

  • Overloaded Order
    A customer by the name of Load, decides to order everything on the menu.

  • Mama's Boy
    Parker attempts to game some independence from his nurturing mother by moving into a Dumpster.

  • Puberty Fairy
    Parker fights the puberty fairy, trying to hang onto his childhood a little longer.

  • Flinga Flonga
    Josh and Parker plot revenge against their childhood bully when he gets a job in the food court, but then Josh observes that the bully has changed.

  • Backseat Driver
    Josh decides not to tell Brittany that he failed his driving test and takes her to a drive-in.

  • The Big Meaty Musical
    Josh dreams he Stars in a musical where he must save Princess Britney from Mr. Carney's evil clutches.

  • Josh Quits
    Josh quits Mr. Meaty to become a film maker, but things don't work out as he planned.

  • Lights Out
    The mall loses power during a thunder storm.

  • Parker's First Kiss
    Parker sets up the "perfect date" for his new girlfriend.

  • Geezers
    The elderly in the mall go on a rampage.

  • Valentine's Day
    Josh tries to help Parker find a date for Valentine's Day, but Parker keeps screwing it up.

  • Freaky The 14th
    It's Friday the 13th at the mall, and Parker believes somebody's out to get him, so he turns to Josh for help.

  • Vacation
    Josh and Parker go on vacation, and Josh learns that Parker's "vacationing" at Mr. Meaty.

  • Back To The Present
    80 years in the future Josh and Parker regret never making their movie, so they go back in time to try and convince their younger selves to finally do it.

  • Josh And Parker Of The Dead
    A new item on the menu causes the Tater Tots to become zombies, and Josh and Parker, having dealt with zombies before, turn to Doug for help.

  • Night Of The Fryertron
    Josh and Parker build a machine to make fries twice as fast, but it comes to life and tries to destroy the mall.

  • Fired
    After Parker messes up an order, Wink fires the boys,and Josh and Parker are forced to find new jobs.

  • Substitute Creature
    Josh and Parker go to school one morning and find out that Mr. Carney is their substitute teacher.

  • The Night Shift
    After Mr. Meaty is robbed, Wink decides the boys need to work the night shift to teach them to handle robbers.

  • The Mr. Meaty Show
    A filmmaker visits Scanchbauro, and decides to make a documentery about resturant employees, with Josh and Parker as the stars.

  • Just Desserts
    Parker tries to go a whole week without unhealthy food.

  • Shut Down
    Mr. Meaty is shut down by the health department.
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