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Mighty B EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • So Happy Together
    Bessie needs a dog to earn her animal-appreciation badge and finds a stray she names Happy.

  • Sweet Sixteenth
    Bessie is determined to ride a roller coaster even though she is a sixteenth of an inch too short for the ride.

  • Bee My Baby
    Bessie babysits five rowdy boys and finds them more than she anticipated.

  • Bee Afraid
    Bessie tries again to earn her happy-camper badge, but Portia tries to scare her into leaving the woods.

  • Artificial Unintelligence
    Bessie builds a robot to win the Mad Scientist badge.

  • We Got The Bee
    Bessie learns to play drums hoping to join Portia's Honeybee band, but her skill lands her a better gig with Rocky's rock band.

  • Little Orphan Happy
    Happy's long-lost mom pays a visit on Mother's Day, but she isn't a gracious guest.

  • Body Rockers
    Bessie and Penny get lost at a science exhibit and think they have been shrunk and teleported into a human body.

  • Bat Mitzvah Crashers
    Bessie and Penny start crashing Bat Mitzvah parties and set their sights on the ultimate party being held by Portia's cousin.

  • Super Secret Weakness
    Bessie discovers the Mighty Bee's secret weakness is zucchini, and tries to rid her hometown of the foul vegetable.

  • An I See A Bee
    Bessie is told she can see the future, but her sunny predictions for Penny's birthday party are way off the mark, so she attempts to make things right.

  • Woodward And Beesting
    Bessie tries to learn Portia's secret by becoming a reporter for the Hive Herald.

  • Doppelfinger
    Bessie begins to follow the advice of "Finagre," Finger's evil twin, which leads her into mischief.

  • Little WoMNT
    Bessie's mom takes over as troop leader and stops issuing badges.

  • The Apprentice
    Bessie helps Mary Frances sell her cosmetics in order to get another Honeybee badge, but her zeal ends up being more than Mary Frances planned on.

  • Beenadict Arnold
    Happy leaves Bessie after she puts him on a strict diet.

  • Boston Beean
    A scout from Boston visits and spurs Bessie's competitive spirit.

  • Penny Hearts Joey
    Penny frees a robot kangaroo from a theme diner and bonds with the device.

  • Ten Little Honeybees
    A theft at Portia's birthday has Bessie on the hunt.
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