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Mighty B EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bee Patients
    Bessie does not understand why Happy is afraid of the vet until she needs to see her doctor and get booster shots.

  • Night Howl
    Bessie catches Happy sneaking out every night, which causes him to be tired all day long.

  • Hat Trick
    Bessie uses Happy as her subject for a magic act, but he sneaks away, leaving her to think her trick finally worked and Happy has disappeared.

  • Apoxalypse Now
    Bessie tries to catch the chicken pox to earn a badge, but she has trouble coming down with it.

  • Hive Jacked
    Bessie helps Mary Frances sell her cosmetics in order to get another Honeybee badge, but her zeal ends up being more than Mary Frances planned on.

  • Something's Wrong With This Taffy
    Bessie is determined to find out what is wrong with a batch of taffy.

  • Name Shame
    Bessie is horrified when Portia and Gwen learn her middle name.

  • Toot Toot
    Bessie falls into a funk after an embarrassing incident forces her to quit the Honeybees.

  • To Bee Or Not To Bee
    Bessie wins a contest to meet and interview the Honeybees' founder, but her nerves start to get the best of her.

  • Thanksgiving Beeenactment
    Bessie helps the Honeybees get in the spirit of the first Thanksgiving by visiting a colonial village, but Portia has trouble following the no-technology rule.

  • Blindsided
    Short on funds, Happy takes Bessie's glasses and trades them for a bone, leaving Bessie unable to see clearly as she stumbles through the city to buy a new pair.

  • Hen And Bappy
    Hippie cooks the wrong recipe and after Ben and Happy eat his tasty treat, they switch bodies.

  • Ben Appetit
    Bessie tries to get Ben to break his rule about food not touching other foods.

  • Dang It Feels Good To Be A Gamester
    The Honeybees get preoccupied playing a new video game and neglect their responsibilities.

  • Eye Of The Honeybee
    Thanks to Bessie, Penny discovers a talent for ping-pong, and then she must face her mentor in a tournament.
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