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Mongo Wrestling Alliance EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Behold The Mongo Wrestling Alliance
    Rusty Kleberkuh graduates college and becomes a professional wrestler. After working his way through West Valley Championship Wrestling, he's called up to the Mongo Wrestling Alliance where he hopes to avenge his grandfather.

  • To Trap A Giant
    The family court a big talent and offer him lavish gifts, but the dimwitted wrestler is afraid to step in the ring for an unusual reason.

  • Baron vs. Johnny
    Old wrestlers are presumed dead after a fight in the desert.

  • Mongo Mexico
    Rusty must save Balthazaar from an evil Mexican wrestling cult.

  • Brianna Beautiful Butt Ballerina
    Rusty obsesses over a ballerina and decides to try ballet in order to win her over. Booter Lee Bogg, meanwhile, ponders the idea of a woman who's half goose.

  • Presumed Imbecile
    Rusty is framed for murder. Balthazaar is his legal counsel during the trial, but they also have a back-up plan to have Stack Johnson intimidate the jury if things don't go their way.

  • The Mute Cacophony Of Death
    The family take on a mutant cult of wrestlers from the swamps of Louisiana.

  • Rusty Quits Wrasslin'
    Rusty tires of wrestling and attempts to lead a normal life by becoming a health-supplement salesman and moving in with an old girlfriend.

  • Shrimp Frenzy
    Stack Johnson opens a seafood restaurant to help pay off his debt to Johnny DuBose.

  • Nekro Nurses
    Rusty ditches Balthazaar in favor of the Nekro Nurses, so Balthazaar decides to train with a doctor who uses questionable methods.
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