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Monster Buster Club EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Mindreader
    Cathy's cousin Elton comes to visit and the MBC figure out he is a mind reader. Meanwhile a band of evil robots attack, trying to capture Elton and the MBC must rescue him.

  • Popular Kids
    A new girl comes to town and doesn't invite the MBC to a party, making them suspicious. Later, Cathy receives an invitation by a strange alien.

  • Wrong Number
    Using a galactic communicator, Mr. Smith must keep the peace between two warring planets. Unfortunately, Chris takes the communicator and mixes it up with Mark's cell phone, causing Mark to make an costly error.

  • Snack Time
    Sam helps Cathy babysit a baby named Tina who turns out to be a Pythenor Eater alien. Sam is also helping Danny and Chris with the Bake Sale for Whale Food. Sam becomes stressed while switching between babysitting and the bake sale and accidentally feeds Tina a Glusock cracker, which puts Pythenors on an eating rampage. Meanwhile Danny and Chris compete against Mark's bake sale.

  • The Trouble With Troublemaking
    Cathy is stuck in detention when she learns that an evil alien is parading as the teacher. Now it's up to the MBC to send that evil alien packing.

  • Dog Daze
    Danny takes care of Wendy's dog in order to impress her. After putting the dog in a behavior-correction school, it's replaced with a robotic dog and the MBC have to save the day.

  • Flower King
    The MBC are in charge of protecting an alien king. The only problem is that the king is shaped like an earth flower.

  • Battle Of The Bands
    When the hottest band in town turn out to be a group of aliens, the MBC form their own band to even the score. Things are only made worse, however, when it turns out that the alien band is hypnotizing the audience.

  • World's Toughest Kid
    A bully starts terrorizing the school and challenges Danny to a series of competitions. In the end, the bully turns out to be multiple aliens.

  • Acting Out
    In the cafe, MBC fights a lizard-like alien, who is trying to kill a stylish guy. The alien escapes, and saved guy, Stanley Caminski, turns out to be one of the galaxy's most successful superstar manager. For saving his life he explains that attacking alien was his unsuccessful competitor, whose stars aren't popular. Stanley offers MBC his assistance so they can become stars too. Everyone agrees, but Mr. Smith says no, because Monster Buster Club is a secret society and must not be revealed. However, Chris secretly calls Stanley and agrees to participate in commercials. Meanwhile, Cathy auditions for the school play, "Romeo and Juliet" and turns out to be an amazing actress, so she wins the part and must prepare for opening night. Wedge, the lizard alien, is looking to kill every superstar who works with Stanley. Now, with Cathy is too busy, and obsessed, preparing for the school play, and Chris not wanting to believe that Wedge is after him, it is up to Sam, Danny and John to find Wedge before he strikes.

  • Monster Beaters
    John tries to convince MBC to allow him to join, but they reject him because he is too young. However, a new monsters fighters club called "Monster Beaters" appears in Single Town and John is welcome to join them. Meanwhile, school opens several new afterschool classes or clubs and everyone must join one of them; Sam and Danny get into knitting club; Cathy is assigned to science club; Chris forced to visit a ballet club. MBC soon get to the truth about the Monster Beaters - they're aliens! However, John doesn't believe Chris and continues to work with Monsters Beaters. Will MBC be able to save John from the aliens before it's too late?

  • Comic Book Heroes
    Cathy and Sam are angry about seeing so few comic books about women. While a mysterious man runs out of the local comic book shop, they pursue him but he gets away. Meanwhile a strange new boy appears at their school, trying to make kids follow his orders to prepare all his comic book collection from the other planet to be stored on the Earth, making Sam follow his orders too. With Cathy busy imitating one of the comic book heroines, will MBC be able to save kids from the mysterious boy alien?

  • Statue Of Limitations
    Sam volunteers to prepare a celebration of the day, when city was founded by a man named Edison Single. However, Cathy proclaims that Edison was an alien who tried to make this city for aliens! Sam refuses to believe it, but soon deep in the abandoned MBC storage beneath their clubhouse Chris accidentally activates a purple gemstone bringing the statue of Edison Single to life, which is revealed later that it is not a statue, it's the founder himself! Now MBC must stop the statue from turning all citizens into stone, while keeping them busy so that they will not notice.

  • Pipe Dreams
    MBC takes a fun-ride through the underground tunnels when the pipes begin to shake, however MBC discover that roadworkers caused it, but soon these "roadworkers" turn out to be following new plans for digging new sewers. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster takes the class sightseeing in the sewers. MBC realises that class may discover club's tunnels which intersects with the sewers. Sam decides to scare everyone off so MBC will remain undiscovered. However things get worse when the strange "roadworker" turns out to be an alien who tries to "suck" the entire town into the big prototype of MBC's tractor beam using the club's net of tunnels. Will MBC be able to stop him before he succeeds?

  • Aliens On The Fast Track
    Chris has a part time job spring cleaning a shop. His boss nags him to make sure he finish or he will be fired. Meanwhile, his friends come in to visit and suddenly their communicators detects an alien coming into the shop and the MBC try to power up, but they are not as fast as him . In only a few seconds, all items in the shop disappear and his boss nags him again and suspects that his friends stole all the items and must either get all the items back to the shop or pay for them by 6 pm or else he'll be in big trouble. A second later, Danny's video game is also stolen. Soon after that Sam, Danny and Cathy are going for a part time job try to repay the money for the stolen items, but later, all of Singletown's electronic device disappear, including the MBC container! Can MBC find this Speed Morpher alien before Singletown is in chaos?

  • Sore Winner
    An game-obsessed alien comes to Earth, to find a game board called 'Parchugal', and the MBC find weird symbols in the ground. The alien then comes and tries to take the town square away!

  • The Bugaboos
    It is a good afternoon and everyone is coming out for a walk and to study. Danny is skateboarding and showing off while Chris is working on his project, thinking he can finish before night falls. A bug scout sees everyone and Chris tries to drive him away.The bug ends up throwing him and causing an accident with Danny on the skateboard park, making Mark laugh at him. Soon, as they walk down the street, a swarm of bugs attacks MBC, Danny catches a General bug, named General Louse but the swarm continue to attack forcing them to retreat back to their club house. Cathy tells everyone that Mr.Smith is seeing Mrs. Rowlins and she thinks that she is going to get detention. On the street, they are attacked by a swarm of bugs again. After awhile it reveal it was alien bug and MBC find out that their bug queen is coming to lay her eggs. Can MBC stop the queen before she arrives?

  • The Forget-Me-Stone
    One single night in the singletown Mr Smith and his plant playing a cards game in his house when trouble, an alien called Glor Glenemore is almost in the house just not fast as when the alarm sounded and MBC find him try to stop getting him to Mr smith house but he escape, In the minutes later a transmission from the commander which you can see in episode of Wrong number, contract them for the most important thing in galaxy the forget-me-stone which must return to the commander for much greatest security to protect it for prevent be stolen matter what it take and say is that Glor Glenemore is the same as try to break Mr smith house and steal the stone but Mr smith tell that he hidden stone and don't remember where it put at, so MBC has no choice but help him and find the stone for the whole night. After cannot find the forget-me-stone Danny, Cathy and Samantha are going to sleep first except Chris keep looking to it and finally is in the refrigerator in the Rhapsodia snack drink and Chris is throw and wash all the snack drink all the way to the below of the pipe when he finish it he take the stone back to club house. Suddenly the stone active itself erase the memories of Chris and he went back to sleep. In the morning Samantha wakes up is about late for the school she immediately wake Danny, Cathy and finding Chris for ready to school but the Situation become even worse when Chris show Jeremy to the club and accidentally active the switch to the main club house headquarter Despite Jeremy has reveal The MBC he help MBC to track down the Glor Glenemore that try to steal the forget-me-stone, MBC quickly head the way and bust him down but he got the stone and escape again but suddenly he drop it in the middle of singletown school. School about to start when suddenly Mark Find the stone and touch it erase his memories even worse, he bring to school let everybody in the school touch it and erase their memories. Can MBC track down Glor Glenemore and help everyone to recover their memories every people before all were turn into choas?

  • Camping Out
    It is another single night in the singletown while MBC is chasing the small Robotic machine, that he have steal electronic device with the car, while only chase in the half way their Arsenal seen no power so the small Robotic machine escape. When their back to their club house. the power is very low and Sam shut it off or else no power to recover it but it were take more than a month to recover it she worry that it were doom when not less a week all the world were be Alien's home. Suddenly Mr Smith invite MBC to go Camping so they went to Rocky Mountain's Hill and to find a energy flower which can restore back the club in full power The Mobato Flower which only grow every four hundred year ,when is night they rest for camping Danny tell a ghost story and suddenly in the night Monster appear their camping zone and eat everything in the bag pack. MBC try to drive him away. In the end it he freak out and scare away by a Rhapsodia flame bolt. In the morning and they countinue their search for the flower without their gadget MBC has to face a great challenge to across mountains and For the first time to facing a Dangerous Mobato mission without any weapon to protect and must overcome the upcoming monster which that have been encounter last night only with their talent skill to protect themselves. They across mountain after mountain and very tired except for Mr Smith he have Rhapsodia air mattress. Finally they reach the mountain's which they want to claim the Mobato Flower but the monster reach first try claim it, MBC has no choice but to fight and distract the monster to claim the flower but afterward the monster it reveal just a paper machine with a small Robotic machine which has stolen the electronic from singletown and try to claim no matter what it take but in the end The mbc bring back the flower to restore MBC headquarter to normal.

  • Trick Or Treat... Or Alien
    It is Halloween and all the kids in Single Town are going trick-or-treating. Mark Challeage Danny for going to the haunted house alone but in the end Danny be the first kid's inside visit the haunted house, when he is inside a lot of spooky thing happened on him book flying around, wall moving itself, he go into the room and was trap by the sticky on the floor try to escape it didn't work he alert other MBC to save him. While Danny traps inside haunted house Chris, Sam and Cathy are having Trick or Treat ,when suddenly their communicators for transmission of Danny. They speed their way to the haunted house and save him. Finally they have reach Danny and try to save by using Arsenal break free from the sticky which he has hold. When Suddenly Floor alive itself everyone is try to get ready for battle but after awhile it reveal is a giant alien's pet dog call Moppy which has lost in earth many years ago and the alien's of the Nix pet told about the Situation his pet puppy space ship only arrive in Halloween for their return to their planet if this year end they have to wait another year and he tell that MBC the Space ship arrive somewhere in the single people home swimming pool. So the MBC hurry up carry the Moppy and speed their way to the space ship with the help of John they be aware people in singletown were see the alien's pet dog after all the long way they finally reach the pool but the puppy refused to go in the space ship so Danny use his skill to attract the dog to space ship, Nix is very proud and happy of MBC for thanking them back to his pet back to their space ship he were meet again in another Halloween and they fly back to their planet.

  • A Matter Of Principals
    Danny is picked to be principal for the day, and has great ideas on how to improve the school. However, an evil dinosaur-like alien pretends to be Wendy, and then attacks Chris and Cathy. Meanwhile, Sam is trapped by the real Wendy, who wants to be 'Miss First Aid of Single Town middle school' when she falls over whilst running after her bus!

  • Beware Of Frogs
    A mutated Earth frog comes to Earth to seek vengeance on a chef that nearly cooked him years ago. Coincidentally, the chef turns out to be a replacement of Mr Fusster, who is on holiday, for science. The MBC must stop the frog, but his invincible against anything, apart his weakness of Earth flies.

  • Secret Santa
    It is time to start a snow holiday and Chris, who loves the winter holiday, tries to figure out what kind of present he is going to get. Cathy does not know about Santa because she does not know that Earth also has snow day. Trouble comes in the form of Roy's present when it is revealed that it is a tracker planted by Didengdu, an alien disguised as a Santa who is trying to bring all the kids, including Sam, to an old air container, making it look like he is trying to take the kids hostage. But afterwards, it is revealed that Didengdu was just trying to get the kids to accept his presents.

  • Outcraker's Badland Galaxy Tour
    Cathy invites her favorite TV star to Earth who tries to get good footage of dangerous stunts, which is disastrous. First, he tries to attack Mark with a robot Juice machine. Then, he has Wendy holding on for dear life when he takes off the bottom of her hot air balloon. Danny then jumps from the car in the air and saves Wendy the 'Old Fashioned way'. After that, he releases an army of camerabots at the satellite station. Can MBC save Singletown?

  • The End Of Everything, Part 1
    The MBC have to replace Mr. Smith whilst he is in an important meeting with the commander, but before that, one of them saves Chris, Danny and Sam from being driven into outer Space. One of the other aliens is always on his V-Com, making them all suspicious, so they take his V-Com. Cathy is then given a strange flower, and falls in love with Jeremy, but the MBC get more suspicious of the other alien. They then receive a distress call from Cathy and don't know who it is, so Sam and Chris go after Cathy, not knowing it is Cathy. They then see aliens not being able to morph, and realise too late that the alien really was Cathy, and now she isn't allowed back on Earth!

  • The End Of Everything, Part 2
    Cathy is stuck in a container, and can't morph because of her forever flower, but doesn't want to take it off! Meanwhile, Elton comes to Earth to take Cathy's place, but Danny is definitely not wanting that to happen! Chris then shows them who really was behind all of this, and that's the alien that rescued them, using this to make sure he isn't spotted! The alien is really the son of Adison Single, and plans on making his father's dream come true; making Earth the perfect planet for aliens!

  • Shadow Of The Octovores, Part 1
    Jenny and her grandmother have escape from the galactic authorities prison came back to earth to make war on MBC.

  • Shadow Of The Octovores, Part 2
    MBC and Octovores prepare for final showdown.

  • Night Visitors, Part 1
    MBC are trying to get a good night's sleep after they done another finding aliens mission, but tonight is not a good night. A group of Stalkers take control of their minds, giving them nightmares when they're asleep. Stalkers only appear at midnights. During the day, they cloak themselves in order to hide from the sun or hide from the underground. Cathy is the only one not affected because she is an alien. The next morning, Danny, Chris and Samantha and every other kid in class are not well because they are sleep a terrible dream always wake up after a while they turn to stalker slave and it is up to Cathy to track down the Stalkers. Will she succeed in saving all the kids in Single Town before they become slaves to the Stalkers?

  • Night Visitors, Part 2
    The Stalkers have freed themselves from Cathy's MBC arsenal. They fall back to their leader, who has already set a base camp at the mountain's peak so MBC cannot detect them. They continue to control every kid they can find and enslave them at midnight. Even now, they discuss a new plan: capture Mr. Smith because he is the only who knows everything about them. Now, the Stalkers are about trying to erase his memories. Can MBC find them save all the children from singletown and save Mr. Smith before his memories are all lost?

  • Alien Encounter Assault Recon
    MBC are in the club to keep an eye for any aliens after they came back from school. Suddenly a mysterious man with general uniform call Stoudemire came to Mr. Smith house to discuss hope MBC been alliance later Mr. Smith take him to club house to see and discuss MBC to been alliance with him but they refused because they did not know that mysterious man is good or bad guy. After days no Aliens detected. Finally at night they detected an alien which is very powerful so MBC speed their way to stop him but it is too powerful can't stop him and they been capture by him. Suddenly a large ground military forces came to singletown to stop that alien from rampaging and save MBC. MBC ask them to take them to their leader, inside their headquarter the leader reveal himself it was Stoudemire and the MBC been alliance with them.
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