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Monster Buster Club EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bubble Heads
    Another single night, at the owner of the shop, the owner of the shop carry his new stuff after arrive of the vent. Suddenly a tiny size of comix land in outside the vent it was a space ship. The shop owner did notice so he carry the ship to the shop. The next morning MBC went into that shop try to see some stuff in the end Danny buy the space ship gum and they went to school. Danny a big big bubble to impress other school Mark was jealous him so he challenge him to blow big bubble and he end up embarrassed. Danny chew that gum enough and throw into the thraw can and MBC surprise that gum came to alive and try to take Singletown.

  • It's Not Good To Be King
    The one night MBC gets peace, but suddenly a loud crash draws Chris to go out to check, thinking it to only be a garden supply drop off. Back in the clubhouse, Cathy was sick and sneezing. The next morning, one trusted alien mistakes Chris for a great Emperor and the alien's enemies try to take Chris away.

  • The Whole Truth
    In the outer space, the alien Agar has escaped from the galactic authorities prison to earth. Meanwhile, in the club house, the galactic Commander Zeupper warn the MBC to can him no matter what it takes. Danny goes to school and works on a science project for class with Wendy. John creates a weapon that forces MBC to at first react strangely to lies, and then second, say only the the truth. Unfortunately, trouble is coming as Agar searches for the last to elements for his cloaking shield. MBC must avoid lying while trying to stop a ruthless space criminal as he invades their school.

  • The New Recruits
    Cathy was turning 700 on Earth and gets excited and hopes that there will be a party. That evening, the MBC was trying to bust a monster but it got away because of Danny and Sam. The next day, 2 new recruits arrives and they quickly befriend Chris and Cathy, leaving Danny and Sam jealous. The MBC [except Cathy] and the recruits soon learn about a surprise party which will be thrown for Cathy from her grandfather. Later, Danny and Sam realise the recruits are attempting to replace them so they find a way to let Chris and Cathy realize the truth before it was too late!

  • Sore Winner
    The gang gets sucked into playing an intergalactic game with the fate of their town square in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Danny is unable to help the MBC after being sent to detention for playing a video game in class. Luckily, Danny's video game knowledge helps save the day in the end.

  • Me Krog, You Rollins
    At Singletown Middle School, everything was fine until an human-like alien pritmive caveman comes to earth and tries to take Mrs. Rawlins as his loved one.

  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Jellynerps
    It was a good afternoon, the sky was pink and Mr. Smith's garden plant was not feeling so well, including his beloved plant who Mr. Smith plays cards with him. Meanwhile at the Singletown Middle School, the MBC were going back to the club house after all the stressful lessons. Suddenly, an alien Jellyfish tris to eat every electronic device. Can the MBC stop this alien before it's too late?

  • The Destiny Puzzle
    It was night on Earth, and an alien space ship came, and inside was an alien Grandpa Octovore, the wife of Grandma Octovore. He came to unload The Destiny Puzzle to Mr. Smith's garden. Next morning, the MBC try to help Mr. Smith to clean his garden. Suddenly, Chris scans the ground and the scanner found something. Cathy lifted the puzzle up to the surface and takes into the club house for more information. Eventually, the puzzle activated and told the MBC about a secret weapon hidden in the town. Now MBC have to find the weapon before Grandpa Octovore has a chance.

  • Lizard's Tails
    One afternoon at the school gym, the MBC were playing basketball against each other. Suddenly, the basketball turned into an alien. It was a Reptilian Morpher, so MBC geared up to fight him. In the end, the MBC busts the alien. In school, Mr. Fusster taught the MBC and other students what an Iguana is. Afterwards in the clubhouse, Danny tried to send the bad aliens to the Galactic Authorities. Somehow, the Reptilian alien was able to free himself and switch bodies with Danny. Now the MBC misstook the Reptilian for Danny and vise versa!

  • Fitness Freak
    It's a great summer morning and the MBC are relaxing until they find a frozen pond and they felt suspicious. Then Wendy invites Cathy to her slumber party but Wendy's other friends don't turn up because it's getting really cold. The MBC discovers thet an eater alien called Pizmo caused the falling temperature because he doesn't want to be called lazy and he wants to be fit.. But they need Cathy to stop him so Danny goes to bring her back. There Cathy and Danny find that the machine that causing the coldness was Wendy's house and that her bed was the control system. Then Cathy and Danny together stop it.

  • The Beast Within
    Jeremy is turned into a rock monster after being exposed to an alien from Rhapsodia's moon. The M.B.C. investigate, making sure that Cathy and Grandpa don't touch the alien. If they do, they'll be instantly turned to stone with no cure. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to help Mark with a science project, preventing her from helping the team.

  • Frogs In Space
    The MBC is kidnapped by Herptilius and taken into space, while Cathy, stuck on Earth with a pizza allergy, enlists the aid of computer expert Jeremy, whom she convinces the life-or-death struggle unfolding on his screen is a video game.
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