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Mr. Men Show EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Dance/Inventions
    Mr. Quiet and Mr. Strong perform a ballet; Mr. Noisy's dancing irks Mr. Grumpy; the Mr. Men have a hoedown; Mr. Grumpy invents a tickle-proof coat; Mr. Lazy's magic remote makes a mess for Miss Calamity; and Miss Chatterbox finds a way to tame Mr. Rude.

  • Farm/Movies
    Milking a cow proves tough for Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle; Mr. Persnickety feeds pigs; Mr. Nervous collects eggs from a chicken coop; the movie theater becomes a zoo; Mr. Rude works a concession stand; Miss Calamity makes her big-screen debut.

  • Science/Lake
    Mr. Stubborn reveals his views on science; Miss Whoops has a run-in with a T-Rex; Mr. Nervous takes a space quest; Mr. Scatterbrain visits a relaxing retreat; Mr. Bump learns to water ski; Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Happy hit rocky waters on a canoe trip.

  • Books/Beach
    Mr. Bump makes books at a factory; Mr. Rude learns manners; Mr. Persnickety can't find peace at the library; Mr. Persnickety gets more than he bargained for at a refreshment stand; Mr. Grumpy fights off buzzards; Mr. Bump goes parasailing.

  • Boo-Boos/Mall
    Medical skits include Mr. Bump's rising blood pressure, a carrotectomy and a hospital tour. A mall presents a challenge for an escalator-riding Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Messy's cheese shop, and a furniture tester.

  • Flying/Hobbies
    Mr. Bump goes skydiving; Miss Calamity wrangles a hot-air balloon; Mr. Stubborn believes he's a pilot; Miss Daredevil shows off her tightrope skills; Mr. Scatterbrain displays his many hobby kits; Mr. Bump mistrusts Miss Whoops' snake-charming talents.

  • Rainy Day/Trains
    Rain in Dillydale leads to a leaky roof, a drenching and a ruined picnic. Later, the Mr. Men explore trains, both runaway and express, and their tiny cabins.

  • Fair/Camping
    Mr. Stubborn plays a fair game; Miss Daredevil attempts a cannon stunt; Mr. Grumpy reacts typically in a fun house; Mr. Stubborn has a new take on tent-building; Miss Chatterbox isn't cut out for bird watching; Mr. Grumpy's camping supplies are taken by critters.

  • Paint/Fish
    Mr. Rude has artistic troubles when Miss Chatterbox is his subject; Miss Whoops' street lines cause a stir in traffic; Miss Calamity goes to Mr. Lazy's paint store; Mr. Nervous tries scuba diving; Mr. Stubborn learns to ice fish; Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Bump explore nature.

  • Adventure/Construction
    The Mr. Men take risks when bungee jumping, running from eager arctic animals, and taking a safari trip. Later, they learn about construction when using a wrecking ball and building a skyscraper and barn.

  • Snow/Canned Goods
    The Mr. Men have winter fun when playing with a snowman, traveling in the snow and adjusting the heat. Later, they explore canned food, including soda, creamed corn and a can of fear.

  • Full Moon/Night
    A full moon finds the Mr. Men searching for a giant owl and a ghost. Later, the existence of werewolves and mummies is debated.

  • Jobs/Gardens
    The Mr. Men try new jobs, including garbage collecting and moving pianos. Later, they learn about wild plants, nursery care and a Zen garden.

  • Collecting/Chores
    The Mr. Men collect various items, and later perform chores including caring for the refrigerator, mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutter.

  • Boats/Physical
    The Mr. Men take boat trips to explore the sea, discover new lands and practice on-deck swimming. Later, they try new exercises, including aerobics, skiing and running.

  • Food/Bugs
    Food and skating don't mix; Mr. Grumpy has a tough choice; Mr. Lazy works at a restaurant; Mr. Bump and Miss Naughty work in the bug industry; Mr. Stubborn has an infestation.

  • Restaurants/Music
    Adventures in dining out include a pizzeria, a fancy restaurant and bad service. Later, the Mr. Men experiment with musical instruments.
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