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Neighbors From Hell EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Sorfindesdrillsalgoho
    The Hellman family is sent to earth to save Hell from human beings. They must learn how to acclimate to human life.

  • Country Club Hell
    Looking for a bonding moment with his boss Killbride, Balthazor scores himself a golf outing at his boss' elite country club. His family accompanies him and struggle to fit in with the humans whose bad behavior both thrills and bewilders the Hellmans.

  • Gay Vampire Mexican
    When Mandy starts to date Killbride's son, Wayne, Balthazor uses this opportunity to get closer to Killbride and the drill.

  • Screw The EPA
    Tina and Balthazor try to celebrate their wedding anniversary but are finding it difficult to find time to do so. Meanwhile, Killbride is trying to get a new business plan passed by the EPA and when he learns that the female EPA executive is enamored with Balthazor, Killbride uses him to his advantage.

  • Family From Hell
    Tina's parents from Hell make a visit to earth, Balthazor makes an extra effort to impress Tina's father. Concerned that their daughter and grandkids will assimilate too well into human culture, the in-laws arrive with a plan to bring the family back to Hell.

  • Guns For Mutts
    Josh is upset because Balthazor hasn't been spending enough father/son time with him. Meanwhile, Killbride has a new initiative to collect dogs in exchange for guns for a secret project and a new British scientist is hired to work on the drill.

  • Robert The Insult Weight Loss Robot
    Petromundo has developed a weight loss robot to criticize the overweight in hopes to market this as the next big diet loss product. Killbride appoints the diet robot, Robert, as the neighborhood watch commander when a slew of robberies begin to occur in town.
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