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Ni Hao, Kai-Lan EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Dragonboat Festival
    Kai-Lan and her friends race dragon boats on the river.

  • Twirly Whirly Flyers
    Tolee, Kai-lan and their friends take responsibility when Tolee accidentally breaks the ants' bridge.

  • Tolee's Rhyme Time
    Kai-Lan wants to start a music group with all of her friends.

  • The Ant Playground
    Kai-Lan and her friends offer to help the ants with their playground by building a swing.

  • Wait, Hoho, Wait!
    Kai-Lan tries to help Hoho learn how to be patient.

  • Kai-Lan's Campout
    Kai-Lan invites all of her friends to camp out in her backyard.

  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    Kai-Lan and her friends must work as a team to carry the huge dragon for the Chinese New Year celebration.

  • Hat Parade
    Kai-Lan and friends make hats and prepare for a special parade, but Rintoo is upset when Hoho copies his design, and Kai-Lan must find a way to calm him so the parade can go on.

  • The Snowiest Ride
    Kai-Lan takes her friends sledding, but Tolee is afraid, so the gang helps him overcome his fear by starting with a small hill.

  • Safari Pals
    Kai-Lan follows strange footprints to an elephant, whose large size makes Rintoo envious.

  • Rain Or Shine
    The gang's outdoor fun is canceled by the rain and Kai-Lan helps them overcome their disappointment.

  • Beach Day
    On a trip to the beach, Tolee gets angry when the waves knock over his sand castle, so the others help him calm down and together they build a better castle.

  • Sports Day
    Rintoo brags about winning all the contests in the Dinosaur Games, causing the others to quit in anger.
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