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Ni Hao, Kai-Lan EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Kai-Lan's Carnival
    Kai-Lan teaches responsibility to Rintoo and Hoho after they accidentally break Stompy's toy rocket and run away.

  • Roller Rintoo
    Kai-Lan helps Rintoo overcome his fear of roller skating so he can join his friends at the rink.

  • Lulu Day
    Kai-Lan learns how to compromise with her friend Lulu when they take turns playing together.

  • Hoho's Big Flight
    Hoho's lantern flies away and he becomes trapped with it in a tree. Kai-lan figures out a way to rescue him just in time for the lantern festival.

  • Ni Hao, Halloween
    Rintoo sprains his ankle and can not go trick-or-treating with all of his friends.

  • The Ladybug Festival
    The gang heads to the Ladybug Festival and Toolee leads the way through the woods, but Rintoo and Hoho chatter so much they can't hear Toolee's directions. Kai-lan then tries explaining to her pals how important it is to listen to others.

  • Kai-Lan's Trip To China, Part 1
    Kai-Lan and friends visit China to attend a naming party for a baby panda. While there, they learn to try new things as they shop for presents.

  • Kai-Lan's Trip To China, Part 2
    Kai-Lan and friends visit China for a baby panda's naming party. But things become worrisome when the little guy is scared of the boat that will take them to the bash.
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