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Penguins EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Gone In A Flash
    Julien and Maurice fight over a camera, but soon Maurice disappears and needs to be found.

  • Launchtime
    The Central Park Zoo penguins - Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private - decide to vacation on the moon to escape their loud lemur neighbors.

  • Haunted Habitat
    Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private investigate a spooky noise that frightens Marlene.

  • Operation: Plush And Cover
    The popularity of stuffed Mort dolls causes a jealous Julien to sabotage the toys, and the resulting factory recall puts the real Mort in danger.

  • Happy King Julien Day
    The animals are bribed to celebrate King Julien Day with the promise of receiving a pi???ata as a reward, but the day itself is only fun for Julien.

  • Paternal Egg-Stinct
    Marlene assigns the penguins egg-watching duty, prompting a jealous Julien to try to steal the egg.

  • Assault And Batteries
    While feuding, Skipper and Julien wind up in Joey's kangaroo pen, and they must collaborate on a means of escape before angry Joey hurts them.

  • Penguiner Takes All
    The penguins bet increasingly higher stakes when facing off against the lemurs in capture the flag.

  • Two Feet High And Rising
    Julien gets fed up with Mort's foot-touching habit, so he kicks him out of the lemur habitat and the penguins try to reform him.

  • Tangled In The Web
    The penguins quietly rebel against new Webcams installed in the habitats until Private makes a misstep.

  • Crown Fools
    Julien's crown accidentally falls into the sewer thanks to Skipper, who sets off on a mission to retrieve it while Marlene tries to calm Julien down.

  • The Hidden
    While peeking at the zoo's newest residents, the animals disappear, one at a time, leaving Kowalski all alone to search for his missing friends.

  • All Choked Up
    Alice forces Rico to drink a liquid that stops him from regurgitating - after he's swallowed an already-activated bomb.

  • Little Zoo Coupe
    The penguins and the lemurs race each other around the zoo in vehicles.

  • Popcorn Panic
    The penguins search for a new supply of popcorn.

  • Gone In A Flash
    Julien and Maurice fight over a camera, but soon Maurice disappears and needs to be found.

  • Go Fish
    The penguins try to obtain fresh fish after being fed imitation fish cakes.

  • Miracle On Ice
    The penguins engage in a hockey match with sewer rats to see who controls the penguins' temporarily frozen habitat.

  • Needle Point
    Skipper runs away to avoid getting a shot from the vet.

  • Eclipsed
    Julien starts acting nice after Phil and Mason trick him into believing the sky spirits are mad at him.

  • Mort Unbound
    Mort quadruples in size because of an accident with one of Kowalski's inventions.

  • Roomies
    Marlene gets a new roommate who is sloppy and has bad manners.

  • Misfortune Cookie
    Rico receives an odd message in a fortune cookie and subsequently experiences a series of mishaps.

  • Lemur See, Lemur Do
    A space robot is sent to study the lemurs' behavior, and Skipper kidnaps it, believing he can teach it more valuable skills.

  • Roger Dodger
    The rats kick mild-mannered alligator Rodger out of his home, so Kowalski uses his mind-swapping machine to give Rodger a more aggressive personality.

  • Skorca!
    Private sees a flying killer whale, but no one believes him.

  • Otter Gone Wild
    Marlene shows her wild side the moment she leaves the zoo.

  • Cat's Cradle
    The penguins try to hide Max, their stray-cat pal, from an animal-control officer.

  • Monkey Love
    Phil seeks romantic advice on how to win over a visiting chimp named Lulu.

  • Tagged
    The penguins try to elude a scientist who wants to observe them, and they ask the lemurs for help.

  • What Goes Around
    Rico waits for his good deed to be reciprocated, but instead finds himself trying to escape an animal-control officer.

  • Mask Of The Raccoon
    A raccoon plays Robin Hood and steals from the penguins in order to give to less fortunate animals.

  • Out Of The Groove
    Julien is cursed by a baboon and loses his ability to groove.

  • Jungle Law
    The animals riot after a blackout causes Julien to enact a policy of jungle law.

  • I Was A Penguin Zombie
    Skipper goes to the vet for treatment and everyone mistakenly believes Skipper has turned into a zombie.

  • Sting Operation
    A hive of hornets has appeared at the zoo entrance, and they refuse to leave.

  • All King, No Kingdom
    Julien banishes Mort and Maurice to a small area of the habitat, so they throw a party and don't invite him.

  • Untouchable
    A new tree frog releases a dangerous toxin when he's touched, giving him the power to bully the other animals.

  • Over Phil
    Mason moves in with the penguins after he has a fight with Phil.

  • Miss Understanding
    Kowalski creates a test that labels Skipper as a female, so Skipper asks Marlene what it's like being a girl.

  • An Elephant Never Forgets
    The penguins help an elephant break out of the zoo, then try to get him back when they realize he lied about his reasons for leaving.

  • Otter Things Have Happened
    Marlene goes on a date with Fred the squirrel after Kowalski's matchmaking machine pairs them up.

  • Zoo Tube
    The penguins make a commercial to entice people to come to the zoo instead of watching TV.

  • Snakehead
    A large fish menaces the duck-pond occupants, so Skipper and his team try to save them.

  • Jiggles
    Kowalski grows fond of the living blob of jelly he created, but the other animals want it gone because it steals their food.

  • The Falcon And The Snow Job
    A smitten Skipper invites a wounded female falcon to stay and recuperate, but his pals fear for their lives.

  • The Penguin Stays In The Picture
    Private gets jealous when Mort is selected to be the cover model for the zoo's brochure.

  • Dr. Blowhole's Revenge
    The penguins set out to rescue King Julien and walk into a trap set by their longtime enemy, an evil dolphin named Dr. Blowhole.
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