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Penguins EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Red Squirrel
    The penguins fall under the spell of Skipper's idol.

  • It's About Time
    Kowalski's future self visits and orders his present self to stop working on his time machine.

  • Gator Watch
    The penguins search for a new home for Roger, and this causes panic throughout the city.

  • In The Line Of Doody
    Frankie the pigeon intends to go after the zoo commissioner, so the penguins go on bodyguard detail.

  • Can't Touch This
    The penguins help their sheep pal relocate to a farm so he can be away from kids with sticky hands.

  • Hard Boiled Eggy
    The penguins need to reverse the effects of their training on Eggy to appease his mom.

  • The Lost Treasure Of The Golden Squirrel
    The rats, lemurs and penguins look for an ancient treasure that is so large it may corrupt whoever finds it.

  • Hello Dollface
    Rico desperately wants his doll-girlfriend to be upgraded with a voice chip.

  • Operation Cooties
    A concerned King Julien convinces the penguins that the zoo has a cooties outbreak that results in an itchy rash.

  • Mr. Tux
    An armadillo thinks one of the penguins is really Mr. Tux, an elusive bird whom he wants to defeat in a round of mini golf.

  • Concrete Jungle Survival
    Private prepares to advance in rank by undergoing a survival test on the mean streets of New York City.

  • Stop Bugging Me
    Private must overcome his fear of roaches and team up with them in order to save his penguin pals who are trapped by an exterminator.

  • Field Tripped
    One of the penguins' top-secret missions is observed by a kid on a field trip.

  • Badger Pride
    Two upbeat badgers arrive at the zoo, but Private is hesitant to befriend them.

  • Kaboom And Kabust
    Rico and King Julien form an unexpected bond, which has a bad effect on Rico.

  • The Helmet
    King Julien swipes a new helmet Kowalski invented, and creates havoc at the zoo.

  • The Big Squeeze
    The penguins worry that a new boa constrictor is up to no good.

  • Night And Dazed
    The penguins need to get a sleepy koala back to the zoo.

  • Wishful Thinking
    The penguins try to grant others' wishes, and Private tells Mort to throw a penny in a fountain and make a wish of his own.

  • April Fools
    Julien learns about April Fools' Day and gets carried away with gags.

  • Hello, Dollface
    Rico desperately wants his doll-girlfriend to be upgraded with a voice chip.

  • Huffin And Puffin
    Skipper's old adversary arrives and wants to make peace, but Skipper doesn't believe him.

  • Invention Intervention
    Kowalski ignores Skipper's order to stop inventing gadgets and works on an invisibility ray.

  • Cradle & All
    The penguins chase a baby in a stroller through the streets of New York City.

  • Driven To The Brink
    Rico wrecks the penguins' car and rebuilds it, and then the car comes after him.

  • Friend In A Box
    Kowalski borrows Mort's gaming system to test his new mind-reading invention.

  • Work Order
    The penguins have to stop an overeager repairman who's about to find their secret headquarters.

  • Hot Ice
    King Julien wants to keep a diamond necklace he found, but the thieves who stole it desperately want it back.

  • Command Crisis
    Skipper gets injured and can't lead his troop, but the other penguins struggle to fill his shoes.

  • Truth Ache
    Private shares too many secrets after drinking some truth serum by mistake.

  • The All Nighter Before Christmas
    King Julien neglects zoo tradition on Christmas, and this doesn't sit well with the animals until they learn the truth about Santa's magic.

  • Whispers And Coups
    The Penguins train Julien to defend himself against his advisor Maurice's evil plot.

  • Brush with Danger
    An art critic visits the zoo to check out Burt's paintings and takes Kowalski's secret blueprints by mistake.

  • Love Hurts
    Private keeps injuring himself so he can see the new zoo nurse he has a crush on.

  • The Officer X Factor
    Officer X fills in for a vacationing Alice and keeps a very close eye on the penguins.

  • Brain Drain
    Kowalski's experiment on his brain goes awry, and he becomes dumber instead of smarter.

  • Right Hand Man
    Julien has fun barking orders at new zoo occupant Clemson, whom Mort is suspicious of.

  • Danger Wears A Cape
    Private finds some old comic books, and soon he, Kowalski and Rico pretend to be superheroes.

  • Operation: Break-speare
    Private starts reciting Shakespeare, which Skipper misinterprets as coded enemy lingo.

  • Rat Fink
    Mort goes undercover as a sewer rat to figure out what the rats are planning.

  • Kanga Management
    An accident forces Leonard to relocate to the kangaroo pin, where Joey doesn't get along with him.

  • King Julien For A Day
    Skipper swaps places with King Julien for a day, and things at the zoo fall into disarray.

  • Maurice At Peace
    The animals are extra nice to Maurice and indulge his every whim because they think he's about to die.

  • Cute-Astrophe
    Private learns how to use his cuteness to his advantage.

  • Alienated
    The penguins must stop a space squid from destroying the zoo.

  • The Otter Woman
    Marlene pretends to be a new otter after a chlorine accident bleaches her fur.

  • Operation: Neighbor Swap
    The lemurs' constant partying gets out of hand, so the penguins have them moved to the petting zoo.

  • All Tied Up With A Boa
    The Central Park Zoo animals fear Savio's vengeance when he breaks out of the Hoboken Zoo, so they try setting up a border to keep him out of their zoo.

  • Rock-A-Bye Birdie
    Skipper's accidentally turned into a baby, so he's left behind while the other penguins go to work.

  • Herring Impaired
    The penguins contract an illness that affects their minds after they eat some aged herring, so Rico must prevent them from eating more of the bad food.

  • A Visit From Uncle Nigel
    Private's eccentric uncle visits and doesn't make a good impression on the other penguins.

  • Operation Vacation
    The penguins get stranded at the Hoboken Zoo, where they must fight a group of android animals, who are keeping the real animals locked up as prisoners.

  • Blowhole Strikes Back
    Skipper falls into a trap set by Dr. Blowhole, who then extracts Skipper's memories and uses them to find the other penguins and transform them into villains.

  • Pets Peeved
    The Vesuvius Twins bring Skipper and Julien to their home and force them to fight one another.

  • Byte-Sized
    Kowalski creates tiny robots that do the penguins' chores for them, but also grow overprotective of the penguins.

  • Operation Good Deed
    The penguins observe an act of kindness and are motivated to emulate the behavior.

  • When The Chips Are Down
    Mort and Private get stuck in a vending machine at the zoo, but the rescue team is searching for them outside the zoo's parameters.

  • Time Out
    Kowalski finds a way to stop time, and Julien gets a hold of his powerful invention.

  • Our Man In Grrfurjiclestan
    The penguins are warned about the notorious red squirrel, who has planted a brainwashed sleeper in their presence.

  • Gut Instinct
    The animals stop receiving special treats from an old woman who may be injured because of Julien.

  • I Know Why The Caged Bird Goes Insane
    Kowalski can't attend a big inventor's expo because his legs are broken.

  • Arch Enemy
    Private is blamed for hurting Dale the Snail.

  • The Big Stank
    The penguins erect a large toilet as a trap for Dr. Blowhole, but Julien wants it as his new throne.

  • Operation Antarctica
    Private helps a young leopard seal return to Antarctica, and his pals follow him in a submarine. However, danger looms when they get to their destination.

  • The Big Move
    The penguins sneak out of the zoo at night to party with the other animals in the park, but they have trouble getting home by morning.

  • Endangerous Species
    An extinct dodo is brought back to life, but his reckless behavior puts him in constant jeopardy.

  • Loathe At First Sight
    Kowalski creates a love laser to make people fall in love, but it soon backfires.

  • The Trouble With Jiggles
    Kowalski brings Jiggles back to life in miniature form, but trouble arises when Jiggles multiplies.
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