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Penguins EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Feline Fervor
  • King Me
    Julien's noble birthright is questioned, so he must win a contest to earn his crown.

  • The Otter Woman
    Distracted, Alice places too many chlorine tablets into Marlene's pond, which bleaches Marlene's fur white following a brief swim.

  • Action Reaction
    A substance thrown onto Skipper makes him balloon in size and sidelines him from missions.

  • Thumb Drive
    Kowalski hacks into the zoo's new security system, which uses thumbprints, and Maurice assists the penguins with this endeavor.

  • Operation: Big Blue Marble
    A toxic substance is emitted from the penguins' foodmaking machine, and it endangers the entire planet.

  • Hair Apparent
    After the penguins fake starvation, Commissioner McSlade instructs Alice to increase the penguins' fish rations and says that he will secure the money for the increase during his upcoming lunch with the mayor.

  • Love Takes Flightless
    After Shelly the ostrich gets her head stuck in drying cement, Rico frees her by breaking the cement apart with dynamite.

  • Littlefoot
    Marlene desperately wants to attend a concert in the park, but she behaves like a savage beast when she's outside of the zoo.

  • Smotherly Love
    A maternal possum becomes the penguins' roommate after they wreck her home.

  • Antics On Ice
    Skipper wants to take his pals to an ice show, but some of the animals' antics enrage the director.

  • Showdown On Fairway 18
    The legendary Amarillo Kid returns to the zoo, seeking assistance from Private.

  • Street Smarts
    The penguins try to save Mort from a lonely dog who's grown very attached to him.

  • Nighty Night Ninja
    A koala terrorizes its fellow zoo animals after it views too many ninja movies.

  • A Kipper For Skipper
    The penguins encounter Officer X at a fish-packing plant and find themselves on the way to jail.

  • High Moltage
    Private begins to molt as he and his pals are heading out to see an exciting new action movie.

  • Nuts To You
    The Red Squirrel kidnaps Fred and King Julien, seeking to snatch their many acorns.

  • Terror On Madagascar
    A baby fossa arrives from Madagascar, and King Julien plots to get rid of it.

  • Mental Hen
    A hen with psychic abilities moves into the zoo, and a skeptical Kowalski tries to prove she's a fraud.

  • Siege The Day
    Private looks after four ducklings while his pals go to a monster-truck rally.

  • P.E.L.T.
    Skipper must prove he can still be a leader when his strength starts to decline.

  • Private And The Winky Factory
    Private is upset to learn his favorite snack is being discontinued.

  • Best Laid Plaintains
    King Julien and Marlene eat the gorillas' special African bananas.

  • Skipper Makes Perfect
    Convinced that he is experiencing a perfect day where everything he attempts will automatically work out, Skipper attempts to arrange a plan to break into the Danish Embassy to destroy his file and allow him to return to Denmark.

  • Marble Jar Head
    Rico must be on his best behavior if he wants to get new accessories for Miss Perky, but this proves hard to do when the doll itself has been stolen by King Julien.

  • Good Night And Good Chuck
    Chuck Charles loses his job as a news anchor and gets a new one at the zoo, but tries to get his old one back by exposing the penguins' operation to the world.

  • Operation: Swap-panzee
    NASA intends to send Phil to the moon but end up sending Private instead, and now the rest of the penguins must work to get him back home.

  • Snowmaggedon
    The penguins are about to start their autumn schedule when a severe blizzard scatters the team.
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