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Planet Sheen EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Sheen's rocket crashes into a house on the planet Zeenu.

  • Is This Cute?
    Dorkus gets Sheen a bad tutor to sabotage his meeting with evil Boh-Rok the Destroyer.

  • The Boy Next Dorkus
    Dorkus wants revenge on Sheen after Sheen disrupts his game night with a loud party.

  • What's Up Chock?
    Sheen and his pals look for Aseefa's lost pet.

  • Joust Friends
    Sheen is challenged to a battle by Princess Oom's ex-boyfriend.

  • Torzilla
    Sheen creates a torzilla monster that endangers the city.

  • There's Something About Scary
    Sheen tries to help Aseefa escape from jail.

  • Thanksgetting
    Sheen devises a selfish holiday that involves getting things, but not giving anything.

  • Keeping Up With The Gronzes
    Sheen eagerly sets out to break world records, including a book-stacking one.

  • Act I, Sheen I
    Sheen and Afeesa accept roles in Dorkus' play, but they're clueless about the traps in it.

  • Money Suits Sheen
    Sheen makes money by selling a product that doesn't exist, and his customers are not pleased.

  • Cutting The Ultra-Cord
    Sheen's bizarre behavior concerns his new pals, so Dorkus suggests an aggressive form of therapy.

  • Trial By Jerry
    Sheen explains the concept of the justice system to the inhabitants of Zeenu and defends accused criminal Nesmith.

  • Sheen Says
    Sheen fills in for the Emperor and things fall into disarray.

  • Hippocratic Oaf
    Sheen practices medicine in a clinic.
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