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Pucca EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Funny Love Eruption
    The Mooncake Taming Volcano Festival is ruined when the Silver Moon Topper is shattered and Garu must get another one from inside the volcano before it erupts.

  • Noodle Round The World
    The chefs attempt to make a noodle that goes around the world.

  • Ping Pong Pucca
    Garu and Abyo compete in a Ping Pong Tournament, but when the other team resorts to cheating, Pucca steps in to save Garu.

  • A Force Of Won
    Garu, Pucca, Abyo and Ching have to protect a magical chicken from falling into evil hands.

  • Chef Slump
    When a bowl with one noodle left shows up in the kitchen, the chefs are disappointed with themselves and take off to train while Pucca handles the restaurant.

  • House Of Doom
    Pucca and her friends sneak into Garu's house, which is full of traps. Meanwhile, evil ninjas try to sneak in Garu's house as well, but cannot due to the traps.

  • The Cursed Tie
    Garu receives a tie for his birthday that gives the wearer extremely bad luck. Pucca tries to find a way to remove the curse.

  • Chicken Spots
    The Vagabond Clan infects Sooga village with chicken spots. Pucca is able to shake the spots. So, it is up to her to try to save the village.

  • Flower Power
    Pucca gives Garu a plant unaware of the fact that it is carnivorous and has an appetite for ninjas.

  • Cat Toy
    Garu shrinks himself to avoid Pucca. He is successful, but he ends up getting chased by cats.

  • Let's Go Fly A Ninja
    A kite festival in Sooga Village goes haywire when Tobe & his gang show up.

  • Gone With The Noodles
    Abyo tries to make his acting debut and Pucca foils it by chasing Garu.

  • Them Bones
    On Halloween, Pucca scares the skeleton out of Garu by dressing up in a wedding dress. Pucca must find Garu's skeleton before something happens to it.

  • Ghost Of A Kiss
    A haunted picture gives Garu the chills when the girl's spirit from the picture kisses Garu and then forces him into the picture.

  • The Usual Ching
    Ching is being controlled by a tainted sock and blames every bad thing she does on Pucca.
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