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Regular Show EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • It's Time
    Mordecai is jealous when Rigby hits it off with Margaret.

  • Appreciation Day
    Mordecai and Rigby try to win over Benson, but it's a task that requires a lot of work.

  • Peeps
    Benson monitors Mordecai and Rigby while they work.

  • Dizzy
    The duo alter the future to become bosses.

  • My Mom
    Muscle Man's jokes wear on Rigby and Mordecai during a day of work.

  • High Score
    Mordecai and Rigby want to master an arcade game in order to earn respect.

  • Rage Against The TV
    The guys need a new TV to help them win a video game.

  • Party Pete
    The duo's party is a bust, so they call in help to liven things up.

  • Brain Eraser
    Mordecai sees Pops in the buff and tries to forget the sight.

  • Benson Be Gone
    Benson is demoted and forced to work alongside Mordecai and Rigby.

  • But I Have A Receipt
    Mordecai and Rigby try to return a game to a store with a grumpy manager.

  • This Is My Jam
    Rigby has a song stuck in his head and will do anything to get it out.

  • Muscle Woman
    The guys play matchmaker for Muscle Man and his estranged girlfriend, but the woman soon sets her sights on Mordecai instead.

  • Temp Check
    Rigby hires a temp who soon befriends Mordecai, making Rigby jealous.

  • Jinx
    Rigby is jinxed, rendering him unable to talk, and must find a way out of his predicament.

  • See You There
    The guys aren't invited to a party for High Five Ghost, but they decide to go anyway.

  • Do Me A Solid
    Mordecai owes Rigby a favor after Rigby agrees to go on a double date with him.

  • Grave Sights
    The guys battle zombies while trying to get a day off of work.

  • Really Real Wrestling
    Mordecai and Rigby want to watch wrestling but must look after Pops instead.

  • Over The Top
    Skips must arm wrestle Death in order to save Rigby, whom he accidentally killed.

  • The Night Owl
    The guys go to extremes in order to win a radio contest in which Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are also competing.

  • A Bunch Of Baby Ducks
    Mordecai and Rigby become attached to a family of ducks living in a park fountain.

  • More Smarter
    Rigby tries to become smarter by taking a special formula.

  • First Day
    Mordecai and Rigby compete for a chair by playing rock paper scissors.

  • Go Viral
    Mordecai and Rigby plan to create a viral video that'll become hugely popular.

  • Skunked
    Rigby is sprayed by a skunk and struggles to freshen up.

  • Karaoke Video
    The guys try to track down an embarrassing video from a karaoke bar.
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