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Regular Show EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Exit 9B, Parts 1 & 2
    Mordecai and Rigby must save the park after the rest of the gang are brainwashed.

  • Starter Pack
    The guys protect Thomas from Muscle Man.

  • Regular Show Presents Terror Tales Of The Park II, Parts 1 & 2
    Mordecai and Rigby tell scary stories during a drive to a Halloween party.

  • Pie Contest
    The guys want to judge a pie contest.

  • 150-Piece Kit
    Benson tries to prove his drum skills.

  • Bald Spot
    Muscle Man tries to conceal a bald spot.

  • Guy's Night
    Pops tries a milk challenge to feel like one of the guys.

  • One Pull Up
    Pops tries a milk challenge to feel like one of the guys.

  • The Christmas Special, Parts 1 & 2
    The guys must destroy a gift in order to save Christmas.

  • TGI Tuesday
    Margaret gets an internship, and the gang want to celebrate.

  • Firework Run
    The guys hunt for fireworks for a park event after using the ones Benson bought.

  • The Longest Weekend
    Muscle Man tries not to contact Starla for an entire weekend.

  • Sandwich Of Death
    Benson falls ill after eating a deadly sandwich.

  • Ace Balthazar Lives
    The guys plan a band reunion.

  • Do Or Diaper
    Muscle Man and Mordecai make a bet on whether Mordecai can gather the courage to kiss Margaret, and the loser has to wear diapers for a week.

  • Quips
    Skips intervenes to stop his cousin's bad jokes.

  • Caveman
    The duo try to civilize a caveman so he can stay at the park.

  • That's My Television
    The guys help a sitcom star from the 1980s make it to the mountains.

  • A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese
    The guys must get rid of geese at the park.

  • Fool Me Twice
    Mordecai and Rigby try to win a prize on a Japanese game show.

  • Limousine Lunchtime
    The guys must clean a limo before Maellard returns from vacation.

  • Picking Up Margaret
    Mordecai offers Margaret a ride to the airport.

  • K.I.L.I.T. Radio
    Muscle Man writes a song for Starla and tries to get it on the radio.

  • Carter And Briggs
    The guys enter a donut contest in hopes of winning a cameo on their favorite cop show.

  • Skips Stress
    Skips has to lower his stress for health reasons.

  • Cool Cubed
    Thomas chugs a slushy and freezes his brain.

  • Trailer Trashed
    Muscle Man tries to save his trailer after it fails a health inspection.

  • Meteor Moves
    Mordecai plans to kiss Margaret at a meteor shower.

  • Family BBQ
    Mordecai meets Margaret's dad and hopes for a handshake.

  • The Last Laser Disc Player
    The gang look for a laser-disc player.

  • Country Club
    Mordecai and Rigby vow revenge after country-club jerks pull a prank on them.

  • Blind Trust
    Benson must rely on the guys to get him down a mountain.

  • World's Best Boss
    The park crew plan to give Benson a mug.

  • Last Meal
    Muscle Man prepares to diet by eating his favorite foods one last time.

  • Sleep Fighter
    The gang try to help Muscle Man curb his sleep-fighting habit.

  • Party Re-Pete
    The guys must rescue Benson from an evil party company.

  • Steak Me Amadeus
    Mordecai has a big question for Margaret.
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