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Regular Show EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Maxin' And Relaxin'
    Mordecai drives to his parents' house to retrieve a mixtape, taking C.J. along with him.

  • New Bro On Campus
    Muscle Man goes to high school and tries to prove himself as being cooler than the new student on campus.

  • Daddy Issues
    C.J. tries to win a Cut the Cheeser's card at a mini golf tournament.

  • The End Of Muscle Man
    The park workers try to help Muscle Man finish the items on his bucket list.

  • Lift With Your Back
    Rigby tries to prove he can earn a paycheck.

  • Eileen Flat Screen
    Eileen has a new flat screen and Rigby wants to set it up for her.

  • The Real Thomas: An Intern Special, Parts 1 And 2
    Rigby is suspicious of Thomas.

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
    The gang seek revenge on Muscle Man for his bad gifts.

  • Merry Christmas Mordecai
    Mordecai attends a Christmas party with CJ.

  • Sad Sax
    Mordecai wants to get back together with C.J.

  • Park Managers Lunch
    The park guys want to make sure Benson gets back safe from his lunch with Gene.

  • Mordecai And Rigby Down Under
    Mordecai and Rigby have to catch a flight to the USA.

  • Married And Broke
    Muscle Man and Starla want to win a game show to pay for their wedding.

  • I See Turtles
    Eileen and the gang want to see baby sea turtles hatch and go into the ocean.

  • Format Wars II
    The Discmasters have to end the Format Wars once and for all.

  • Happy Birthday Song Contest
    Mordecai and Rigby want to win a happy birthday song contest.

  • Benson's Suit
    Benson needs a boost in self-esteem.

  • Gamers Never Say Die
    The guys search for a game patch.

  • 1000th Chopper Flight Party
    Mordecai wants to share cake with CJ.

  • Party Horse
    The guys help Party Horse pass a test.

  • Men In Uniform
    The park guys want to keep the park open.

  • Garage Door
    The gang must head out to buy a new garage door after Pops damages the old one.

  • Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
    Mordecai and Rigby turn ordinary tasks into fantastical adventures.

  • Not Great Double Date
    Margaret joins CJ and Mordecai on a double date.

  • Death Kwon Do-livery
    The guys want to help save Death Kwon Do sensei's life.

  • Lunch Break
    The guys eat a ten foot sub.

  • Dumped At The Alta
    Muscle Man must get married.
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