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Ricky Gervais EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Episode 1
    Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington discuss a variety of unusual topics including the benefits of 20th-century inventions, population control, supernatural events, and prehistoric times. Also introduced: a segment called "Monkey News," in which Karl explains the origins of space travel.

  • Episode 2
    Topics include a lion-mutilation story in Cambodia, what to know about donating to charities, public nudity, violence in animal sanctuaries, and sexual aids for men and women.

  • Episode 3
    Topics include Karl's theory on a reverse-aging process; charitable gifts for families in need; the merits of space travel; a choice of superpowers; and personal mottoes. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a Moscow TV station.

  • Episode 4
    Topics include Karl's upcoming trip to a spa; the customs of New Guinea tribes; a visit to an antiques store; and an e-mail about dangerous dolphins. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a zookeeper's marriage.

  • Episode 5
    Topics include the meanings of certain idioms; Karl's list of the Top 50 "Freaks of All Time" he'd like to meet; and New Year's resolutions. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a rescue by the New York City fire department.

  • Episode 6
    Topics include philosophers; the meanings of certain idioms; and non-essential body parts. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a builder's complaint on a construction site.

  • Episode 7
    Topics include excerpts from Karl's diary; and childhood nicknames. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about an Olympic bobsled team.

  • Episode 8
    Topics include what the future looks like for hedgehogs; a man's reaction to a kidney transplant; and Karl's choice to save either Ricky or Stephen from a sinking ship. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about an airline strike.

  • Episode 9
    Topics include talking to animals; aversions to meetings; and Karl's girlfriend's haircuts. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a 1950s gangster and a racehorse.

  • Episode 10
    Topics include school curricula; physical altercations; human anatomy; whistling and happiness; birds and flight; and the origins of the universe. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about eye surgery.

  • Episode 11
    Topics include romantic gestures for Valentine's Day; observations by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein; homelessness; and a trip to Malaga, Spain. Also: a "Monkey News" segment about a 1960s space mission.

  • Episode 12
    Topics include "Inside the Actors Studio"; organ donation; footwear for an elephant in India; and the futility of scientists' efforts to eradicate germs.

  • Episode 13
    Topics for the first-season finale include communication with extraterrestrials; "Inside the Actors Studio"; different body types of humans; and Karl's list of freaks.
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