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Robot Chicken EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Help Me
    A dangerous secret is revealed on "Shot at Love With Tila Tequila"; PaRappa raps for his life; and movies and TV shows are reduced to highlights.

  • They Took My Thumbs
    Ziggy makes a change; a contractor builds temples for the "Indiana Jones" movies; the Justice League heroes bring their sidekicks to work; and a bathroom attendant is overly helpful at a strip club.

  • I'm Trapped
    A new side of James Bond; Iron Man's surprising alliance; Skeletor's disappointing new plot; the ramifications of "The Adventures of Pluto Nash."

  • In A DVD Factory
    How to kill a werewolf; deleted scenes from "Daredevil"; Hannah Montana's brush with danger.

  • Tell My Mom
    Joey Fatone pitches a sketch; the Gobots fall short of high expectations; Billy Joel finds musical inspiration.

  • PS: Yes In That Way
    Strawberry Shortcake solves a crime; Billy Dee Williams goes shopping; the Hendersons meet Harry's cousin; and G.I. Joe has a new cohort.

  • Love, Maurice
    Babar proves to be a fierce ruler; O.J. hunts for a killer; Skynet chooses a new Terminator; and the latest superhero movie is released.

  • Two Weeks Without Food
    Zeus enlivens "Clash of the Titans"; "Star Trek" becomes an opera; Speed Racer enters a NASCAR race; and "The Hills" is spoofed.

  • But Not In That Way
    Punky Brewster begins noticing boys; Stephen King has a new neighbor. Also: spoofs on "The Giving Tree" and "Inuyasha."

  • I Love Her
    Freddy Krueger's beginnings; aggressive Monchhichis; Criss Angel's ultimate stunt; a day with the Lohans.

  • We Are A Humble Factory
    The Nerd pictures what life would be like as a girl; an alternate ending to "Armageddon" is imagined; a new wrestler takes on Triple H in the WWE; the Creature from the Black Lagoon cashes in on a cereal idea; and a new "Star Trek" character is created.

  • Maurice Was Caught
    The power of the whip is demonstrated by Simon Belmont; the Nerd threatens U.S. security; Kermit's cousin teaches the value of greed; "Gone With the Wind" receives an action-packed update; and Annie Warbucks turns 16.

  • Unionizing Our Labor
    Clark Kent impostors take to the streets; a risque new video game is released; and the Smurfs and Snorks go to war. Also: the original "Dukes of Hazzard."

  • President Hu Forbids It
    Batman has car trouble; Jack Sparrow loses his appeal; a predator seeks revenge on Chris Hansen; and a Dungeons & Dragons game is spiced up.

  • Due To Constraints Of Time And Budget
    Morton discovers a new world; an Autobot falls; Indiana Jones refuses to open his eyes; the Beatles face trouble under the sea; and a gang of robbers meet a new driver.

  • The Ramblings Of Maurice
    Two Face has a new identity; the G.I. Joe gang finally attend a funeral; the Traveling Pants have a new adventure; and "The Dark Crystal" receives a modern update.

  • Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry
    The Humping Robot hits the big screen; John Connor meets the new Terminator; visitors want to take advantage of Fantasy Island; the Nerd visits Oz and imagines cool sidekicks.

  • Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors
    A guard battles boredom while protecting the Holy Grail; a dad learns something disturbing about his son; a new bachelor looks for love; and a superhero gets results.

  • Especially The Animal Keith Crofford!
    A young Superman learns the facts of life; the Wuzzles ponder their creation; the monster from "Cloverfield" is put in his place by angry New Yorkers; a Hitchcock sequel is action packed; and a sappy song.

  • Dear Consumer
    Holiday spoofs are featured. Included: A robot saves Christmas after it's outlawed by an atheist mayor; Loki wants revenge on Thor for Christmas; and Santa and his reindeer help a boy stuck in a well.
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