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Robot Chicken EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • G.I. Jogurt
    A puppet orgy; why God hates bees; a drunken visitor from Narnia; a rock song from the Dino-Riders; and Cobra Commander joins SAG.

  • Link's Sausages
    What's really behind Pinky Brewster's Punky Power; Clarice Starling runs into Multiple Muggs; Skeletor tries to blow up Snake Mountain.

  • Secret Of The Booze
    An alien's identity is questioned; Bert gets a new roommate; the Terminator becomes a step-father; Papa Smurf goes undercover.

  • Rebel Appliance
    An uncomfortable talk between a father and daughter; the origin of the bagpipes; and a trip into The Game of Thrones.

  • Legion Of Super-Gyros
    Gerry gets infected in World War Z; Benjamin Franklin's latest invention is revealed; Hannah from "Girls" has a new boyfriend; and the prequel to "The Parent Trap" is revealed.

  • El Skeletorito
    The Cryptkeeper brings terror; Iron Sheik appears; the crew brainstorms a Candy Crush movie; and Woody Woodpecker receives a phone call.

  • Snarfer Image
    The gang rework a scene in Pacific Rim; the future of Looney Tunes characters is revealed; a new member joins Voltron; and Skeletor rids himself of He-Man.

  • Up, Up, And Buffet
    Scrooge McDuck appears on Shark Tank; Fred Flintstone gets a colonoscopy; Shrek has a moment of clarity; Doc from Mike Tyson's Punchout passes on.

  • Panthropologie
    Master Chief and Cortana get caught in an uncomfortable conversation; Drones are put to action; animal totems are revealed; and Lego folks take on scary things.

  • Catdog On A Stick
    Santa's opinions on race are revealed; Tiger Woods gets his own movie; and The Bratz girls reveal what they did over the summer.

  • Super Guitario Center
    A swamp song is written; the life of a Lemming is featured; Sleeping Beauty has a dream that no one cares about; and Shredder and April O'Neil have a forbidden love affair.

  • Noidstrom Rack
    The Zybots try to join the Autobots; Man-E-Faces experiences stardom; the Enterprise night crew has an adventure; and a look behind-the-scenes at Medieval Times.

  • Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone
    Why no one plays the piano in Wayne Manor; what James Potter did while in animal form; Disney Princesses fight.

  • Walking Dead Lobster
    Kim Possible takes a trip to North Korea; Beanie Babies turn a man's life around; and the Robot Chicken Nerd takes an adventure with Doctor Who.

  • Victoria's Secret Of NIMH
    Watch as The Count from Sesame Street has a run in with Blade, Jor-El has some very helpful advice for Superman, and a new nemesis comes to Gotham City.

  • Bitch Pudding Special
    Bitch Pudding seeks revenge on the citizens of Pastryville after they try to have her eliminated.

  • Batman Forever 21
    Bear Grylls deals with Wild Things; Dr. Ryan Stone calls a radio station; Brainy Smurf manipulates events; and Baloo discovers his roots.

  • The Hobbit: There And Bennigan's
    Dumbledore breaks bad; a war on the Kitchen Commandos; where sheep go after being counted; and G.I. Joe Extreme.

  • Chipotle Miserables
    Why Velociraptors are so clever; Bop-It has a mind of its own; Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man encounter some ghosts.

  • The Robot Chicken Lots Of Holidays But Don't Worry Christmas Is Still In There Too So Pull The Stick Out Of Your Ass Fox News Special
    A celebration of every holiday that has ever existed, featuring a Jewish boy rapping about gelt, a pilgrim surprising his family on the first Thanksgiving, and Santa having trouble with a neighbor.
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