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Robotomy EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Frenemy
    Thrasher and Blastus join a social-networking site, but soon discover its flaws.

  • Bling Thing
    Jealous of Megawatt's upgrades and all the girls that he's getting, Thrasher and Blastus try to earn money to get upgrades of their own.

  • No Child Left Benign
    Thrasher and Blastus feign non-violence to join the Sunshine Group.

  • Playdate
    Thrasher accidentally agrees to babysit a troublesome kid.

  • El Presidente
    Thrasher becomes class president following a coup.

  • Field Of Screams
    With the help of a questionable tonic, Thrasher and Blastus become star Mutilationball players.

  • Mean Green
    On a field trip to a forest to chop down evil trees, Thrasher befriends a talking plant who is after a highly-guarded fertilizer called SuperFudge.

  • The Trial Of Robocles
    Thrasher and Blastus start going through puberty and must journey to Jockstrap Island and pass the Trial of Robocles in order to become men.

  • Nana's Run
    Thrasher and Blastus join a group that Maimy starts. Soon, Thrasher's nana is about to expire.

  • From Wretchneya With Love
    Blastus dates a princess from the planet Wretchnya.
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