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Pushing Daisies

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The Secret Saturdays EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Kur Stone, Part 1
    V.V. Argost, host of the popular TV show, Weird World, is after the legendary Kur Stone, which is capable of unleashing the powerful ancient Sumerian cryptid, Kur. With it, V.V. Argost plans to rule the world, so it's up Doc, Drew and Zak Saturday to stop him.

  • The Kur Stone, Part 2
    With two of three Kur Stone pieces now in V.V. Argost's possession, the Saturday family races to the location of the final stone piece, Manaus, Brazil before Argost can get to it.

  • The Vengeance Of Hibagon
    The Saturdays discover a "Bigfoot" like creature in Japan who wants revenge on his creator.

  • The Ice Caverns Of Ellef Ringnes
    After disturbing an Inuit chamber, the Secret Scientists accidentally create a giant snowstorm. Along with this snowstorm comes a creature known as an Amarok.

  • Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner?
    When Zak finds out that a cryptid hunter plans on attacking their headquarters, he comes up with a plan to save the day without ruining Doc and Drew's anniversary.

  • The King Of Kumari Kandam
    V.V. Argost becomes the new king of an ancient, sunken city that has been resurfaced.

  • Van Rook's Apprentice
    When Drew spots Doyle without his mask on, she wonders if he is really her long-lost brother.

  • Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit
    When a volcano erupts, a lizard-man known as the Cherufe is released.

  • The Swarm At The Edge Of Space
    Jellyfish attack the Saturdays after they rescue Agents Epsilon and Francis.

  • The Owlman Feeds At Midnight
    The Owlman, once thought to only be a hoax, goes after the Saturdays and leads them to a cryptid-worshipping cult.

  • Black Monday
    A mystic mirror creates evil clones of those who touch it. Zak makes this mistake, and he suspects Drew may also have touched it.

  • Eterno
    When water in the Middle East begins turning to salt, the Secret Scientists must work quickly to solve the crisis.

  • Cryptid vs. Cryptid
    The Saturdays are horrified to learn of underground cryptid fights hosted by Van Rook.

  • The Underworld Bride
    Zon develops a crush on a dinosaur-bat hybrid that the Saturdays are investigating. The situation turns dangerous, however, when the gang learns that the creature plans to take Zon to the underworld.

  • Ghost In The Machine
    A visit from the ghost of his mentor leads Doc to Louisiana to finish the work they had started many years earlier.

  • Something In The Water
    A giant catfish-like creature threatens a secret city built in the center of an African lake.

  • Target: Fiskerton
    Argost suspects Fiskerton is Kur, so he hatches a plan to kidnap him.

  • Once More The Nightmare Factory
    The Saturdays target Weirdworld in order to save a family member.

  • Curse Of The Stolen Tiger
    The gang discovers a small town that's been plagued by misfortune ever since its protector, a blue tiger, was stolen.

  • The Kur Guardian
    Fisk looks into his heritage with help from Zak and Doyle, the only ones who know his secret.

  • Food Of The Giants
    A man-eating giant plagues a logging camp.

  • The Atlas Pin
    Naga threatens destruction unless the Saturdays help her obtain a Kur relic in Argost's possession.

  • Paris Is Melting
    The Saturdays are placed under house arrest after Fisk is implicated in a series of attacks on Secret Scientists.

  • Where Lies The Engulfer
    Doyle and Zak go to a lake with a taste for human flesh.

  • Shadows Of Lemuria
    A mind-controlling parasite attaches itself to Fisk's brain, causing him to lash out.

  • Kur Rising
    Zak's powers are tested in the battle with Argost for control of Kur.
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