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Spaceballs: The Animated Series EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Revenge Of The Sithee
    Spaceballs continues to spoof the "Star Wars" franchise with this parody of the three latest movies.

  • Lord Of The Onion Rings
    When Barf accidentally unearths the mighty, evil Onion Ring, Skroob sends Dark Helmet and his minions after it.

  • Grand Theft Starship
    Lone Starr is addicted to a new video game, Grand Theft Starship, and Vespa is jealous. Things only get worse when they find themselves trapped.

  • Watch Your Assic Park
    In this parody of the Jurassic Park, Skroob uses advanced pseudoscience to "enhance" his favorite athletes with dinosaur DNA.

  • Outbreak
    President Skroob and Dark Helmet concoct an evil scheme to take over the universe by selling a pestilent soft drink.

  • Hairy Putter
    The Spaceballs are invited back to Mawgwart's for the annual golf tournament.

  • Mighty Meteor
    The bad guys can't seem to destroy Planet Druidia, so they decide to outsource the job to the galactic equivalent of India.

  • Spaceballs Of The Caribbean
    In this parody of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," Skroob stages a phony "free body scan" to steal Yogurt's gall bladder.

  • Fishfinger
    President Skroob hatches an evil plan to take over the galaxy's fish supply.

  • The Skroobinator
    President Skroob is up for re-election and he's way behind in the polls, so he and Dark Helmet concoct a plan to travel in time.

  • Deep Ship
    The Spaceballs are right-side down and up to their ankles in "Deep Ship" when a star cruise set up to kidnap Princess Vespa runs into trouble.

  • Druidian Idol
    Desperate for money, Lone Starr and Princess Vespa use Barf and Dot Matrix to try to outfox each other and win Druidian Idol's huge cash prize.

  • Spidermawg
    In a parody of "Spiderman", Barf is bitten by an alien spider and transforms into the newest superhero, Spidermawg, half man, half dog, half spider.
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