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Stoked EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Welcome To Paradise Dudes!
    Broseph, Emma, Fin and Reef arrive at the Surfer's Paradise resort, excited about their new jobs. But they soon become very disappointed when they find out that their jobs aren't what they expected.

  • Another Grom Bites The Dust
    Emma starts to fear that she might get fired from her job after a few mishaps. She also admits to Broseph that she has never surfed before, so he decides to teach her. Meanwhile, Lo, the daughter of the hotel's owner is forced to work at the hotel to pay for the damage she caused during a big party that she threw.

  • Board And Confused
    The new employees get stuck with one of the worse things ever, their initiation. It's where the seniors make them do humiliating stuff for a whole day. If the gang is able to endure the stuff, the seniors will take them to an awesome part of the beach known as "The Office."

  • Take Your Kook To Work Day
    Emma tries really hard for Ty to notice her, but nothing works. So she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with a cool guy she just met. Meanwhile, Reef gets stuck giving surfing lessons to a grumpy old man.

  • Strike Three
    Emma receives two strikes on her record after Lo takes advantage of her. When Lo accidentally insults one of the customers, they retaliate by filling out a complaint form that is aimed at Emma. If the form goes through, Emma will be fired. Lo decides to step in and save Emma's job.

  • The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest
    A famous hotel critic is coming to the resort to give a review about it and the whole staff try their best to make sure he enjoys his stay. Meanwhile, El Duderino, a huge wave that arrives every twenty years, is coming and Reef and Broseph are determined to ride it.

  • Hang 9!
    Fin gives surfing lessons to fill in for the injured Reef, who milks his injury for extra time off. But Reef's plan could backfire when Fin proves to be a worthy instructor.

  • Fast Times When The Rip Tide's High
    Fin and Reef discover an island after drifting out to sea; a valuable surfboard goes missing, causing trouble for Lo and her dad.

  • Reef And That Evil Totem
    Reef turns a Haida totem into a talisman-like necklace.

  • Charging Into The Night
    The Kahuna keeps tabs on Bummer during his date, while the groms sneak in some night time surfing.

  • O Broseph Where Art Thou?
    When Broseph's gross habits get him kicked out of the house, he builds himself a giant sand castle.

  • Reef, Broseph And Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure
    Emma joins Reef and Broseph on a road trip in a golf cart.

  • Boards Of Glory
    Lo coaches the Surfer's Paradise Tandem Surf Team to impress her Daddy.

  • Groms Gone Wild
    Bummer and the management team go away for the weekend, leaving Johnny in charge of the hotel.

  • Chum Music
    Lo lies about being in a relationship with Stone Seabreeze.

  • Penthouse Of Horror
    The gang is trapped in a room that's rumored to be haunted; Kahuna battles an evil fish stick.

  • Mr. Wahine
    Reef dresses up as a girl to compete in an all-girl surfing contest and to prove that guys are superior surfers.

  • Grand Theft Whale Bus
    The groms need to get to a surf festival in town, so they convince a reluctant Johnny to drive them in the hotel's Whale Bus.

  • A Boy Named Leslie
    Reef's mom comes to town, a visit that disrupts his plans to judge a bikini contest. Elsewhere, Emma is jealous when Kelly dates Ty.

  • Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Clam?
    The groms steals the costume of his mascot; Reef dates a girl to make Fin jealous.

  • Slumber Party Animals
    Lo plans a slumber party for the girls after she persuades Johnny to give them a free hotel room for the night, and the boys make it their mission to crash the bash.

  • Endless Bummer
    Bummer learns to relax with help from the gang. Meanwhile, Emma and Johnny go on a date.

  • BroFinger
    Fin and Reef go head-to-head while seeking attention from an energy-drink representative. Elsewhere, Emma and Ripper go on a date.

  • A Prank Too Far
    The gang pull pranks that cause many problems, prompting Bummer to seek payback.
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