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Superjail! EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Bunny Love
    The Warden plans to dress the prisoners in bunny suits, but the Twins interfere with the purchase order, making half of the order wolf suits. When dressed in these suits, the prisoners take on the characteristics of their respective animals, causing a bloodbath.

  • Superbar
    The Warden builds a bar inside Superjail so he can ask Alice out on a date.

  • Combaticus
    The Warden and his staff unearth an ancient fighting arena.

  • Ladies' Night
    A female prison ship crash-lands at Superjail.

  • Cold-Blooded
    A new prisoner has Superjail on edge.

  • Don't Be A Negaton
    The Warden invites a motivational speaker to Superjail.

  • Terrorarium
    The Warden holds a science fair.

  • Mr. Grumpy-Pants
    The inmates discover a little girl inside Superjail.

  • Dream Machine
    The Warden tries to stop a riot by monitoring the inmates' dreams.

  • Time-Police, Part 1
    The Warden is put on trial for his future crimes.

  • Time-Police, Part 2
    With the Warden missing, the Superjail staff tries to make it in the real world.
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