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Superjail! EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Stingstress
    Co-ed bathrooms cause conflicts at the jail.

  • Superfail
    Jared takes over the jail and battles mutants.

  • Uh-Oh Magic
    The Warden becomes a ventriloquist but loses control of his dummy.

  • Stickydischarge
    An inmate is up for parole.

  • Specialneeds
    A special group of inmates are mixed into the general population.

  • Troubles With Triples
    The twins have guests that disrupt the Warden's plans.

  • Nightshift
    Alice works a second job and uncovers a hidden gift.

  • Oedipusmess
    An inmate becomes a father, leading to spike in Superjail's population.

  • Planet Radio
    The Warden gets into radio after a pirate station surfaces at the jail.

  • Burnstoolie Burn
    The Warden learns about friendship and fire.
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