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Sym-Bionic Titan EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Escape To Sherman High
    Teenage aliens Ilana, Lance and Octus crash on Earth while trying to escape an evil general.

  • Neighbors In Disguise
    The gang adjust to their new home, and Lance causes problems at the mall.

  • Elephant Logic
    General Steele unleashes a sentient tornado-like threat upon the city.

  • Phantom Ninja
    Lance's moonlighting as a vigilante causes trouble.

  • Roar Of The White Dragon
    Lance is lured into the world of illegal street racing.

  • Shaman Of Fear
    An alien uses the team's worst nightmares against them.

  • Showdown At Sherman High
    When an alien infiltrates the high school, Lance Ilana and Octus must work without Titan.

  • Shadows Of Youth
    Lance flashes back to his time at the Galalunan military academy shortly after the death of his father. While at the academy, he is bullied and proves he is better than them by achieving the Medal of Excellence.

  • Tashy 497
    Lance, Ilana and Octus bring home a cute, but sinister alien.

  • Lessons In Love
    The popular cheerleader falls for Newton.

  • The Fortress Of Deception
    Lance and Ilana are kidnapped by G3 in order to gain information about Titan.

  • Ballad Of Scary Mary
    The team take on a chameleon-like being who's posing as a student.

  • The Demon Within
    Ilana is bitten by an alien and soon transforms into a monster.

  • I Am Octus
    Octus struggles with not having feelings; a giant bat-alien goes after Ilanna.

  • Disenfranchised
    Lance learns to play guitar; General Steel sends a spy to Sherman High.

  • Escape From Galaluna
    The gang's departure from Galaluna is recalled.

  • Under The Three Moons
    Ilana feels homesick as winter arrives in Illinois.

  • A Family Crisis
    The team respond to a distress call from Solomon, and Octus makes a big sacrifice.

  • The Steel Foe
    Octus is still missing while General Steel assembles his own giant robot.

  • A Hero Returns
    General Steel launches an all-out assault on G3's mobile airship with his new Hammer robot, and it's up to Lance and Ilana to stop it.
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