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Total Drama Action EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Not So Happy Campers, Part 1
    The teens learn they'll be camping instead of staying in a mansion and later are divided into two teams.

  • Not So Happy Campers, Part 2
    The campers must jump into the lake from a huge cliff. Those that refuse must wear chicken hats.

  • The Big Sleep
    The campers are challenged to an "awake-a-thon," where the last one to fall asleep is the winner.

  • Dodgebrawl
    The campers prepare for a dodgeball battle. Meanwhile, Heather, Lindsay and Beth form an alliance that's quickly tested by a rule banning dating members of other teams.

  • Not Quite Famous
    Gwen and Heather pull a series of pranks on each other. Meanwhile, Chef Hatchet decides which team has the most talent.

  • The Sucky Outdoors
    The kids go camping, and a bear stalks the Gophers after Izzie's costume prank goes awry. Meanwhile, the Bass are spooked by a ghost story.

  • Phobia Factor
    The campers fight phobias. Included: Beth proves her fearlessness; Gwen and Trent stick together; Courtney gets caught in a lie.

  • Up The Creek
    The campers race to a scary island where Geoff is injured, Harold disposes of the paddles and Beth brings home an ill-advised souvenir.

  • Paintball Deer Hunter
    A hunting exercise finds Duncan and Courtney deadlocked. Elsewhere, Beth finally takes action against Heather through paintball.

  • If You Can't Take The Heat
    The two teams must make a three-course meal for judgment. The Killer Bass prepare an amazing Italian meal that impresses Chris. The Gophers make the error of leaving Owen in charge of guarding the dinner they prepared as he eats the main course.

  • Who Can You Trust?
    Given the growing tensions on both teams, the campers are forced to be put through a trust test. They are put through trust challenges including extreme rock climbing, preparing a deadly blowfish dinner for their partner, and a blind Reversed William Tell shoot-off, Blind Jellyfish Jump, and Blind Sled Hill Race.

  • Basic Straining
    The campers are sent to a boot camp, with Chef Hatchet as the Sergeant. The only rule is they keep going until everyone drops out and one camper is left standing. Courtney bonds with Duncan after he challenges her to break a rule, leading both of them to raid Chef Hatchet's fridge and steal all his dessert.

  • X-Treme Torture
    The campers take on extreme challenges, including skydiving, mechanical-moose riding and water-skiing on land.

  • Brunch Of Disgustingness
    The campers dine on a buffet of gross food after reaching the halfway point of the competition.

  • No Pain, No Game
    After the teams are dissolved, the campers compete in a trivia contest featuring the Wheel of Misfortune.

  • Search And Do Not Destroy
    A scavenger hunt for keys to treasure chests leads the campers to very dangerous locations.

  • Hide And Be Sneaky
    The campers play hide-and-seek with Chef Hatchet, who resorts to extreme measures to find them.

  • That's Off The Chain!
    The campers build bicycles for a treacherous race that includes a variety of traps.

  • Hook, Line And Screamer
    Campers begin disappearing after watching a spooky movie about a chainsaw killer.

  • Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
    The campers must trap animals in a Game Warden challenge, but first they need to find tools.

  • Trial By Tri-Armed Triathalon
    Three teams compete in a handcuffed triathlon, which includes an eating contest and a totem-pole challenge.

  • Haute Camp-Ture

    A modeling challenge requires the campers to wear heels and wigs, walk the runway and participate in a photo shoot.

  • Camp Castaways
    A storm destroys the cabins and leaves the campers stranded in the middle of Lake Leech.

  • Are We There, Yeti?
    The campers are left in the wilderness and must find their way back to camp with few supplies.

  • I Triple Dog Dare You
    The campers face an extreme game of truth or dare in the semifinal round.

  • Rundown
    Highlights from the season and the campers' audition tapes are featured.

  • The Very Last Episode, Really!
    The remaining two campers compete in a "Rejected Olympic" run as the ousted players look on.

  • Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island
    The 22 campers are resting at the hotel when Chris and Chef arrive to give Owen the choice of either keeping his one hundred thousand dollar check, or compete for a suitcase of a million dollars. Owen chooses to compete for the million, and all the campers are given the chance to win the money. The objective is to find the suitcase somewhere on the island. Everyone makes alliances to split the money and the suitcase travels from group to group. The suitcase, Owen, DJ , Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen , Lindsay, Izzy, Trent, Harold, Justin, and Beth all end up in the lake after a series of events, and the suitcase is eaten by a shark. The 14 campers end up in Total Drama Action to compete for another million dollars.
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