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Transformers: Animated EpisodesSeason 1    

Pazsaz Entertainment Network 's Transformers: Animated Page

  • Transform And Roll Out, Part 1
    The Autobots find the AllSpark and crash land on earth. While on earth, they meet the human Sari and fight the evil Decepticons.

  • Transform And Roll Out, Part 2
    The Autobots continue to fight off Megatron and the evil Decepticons. Eventually, the team assumes heroic roles in Detroit City.

  • Transform And Roll Out, Part 3
    The Autobots musy save Detroit from Starscream, when he kidnaps Bumblebee, Fanzone and Isaac Sumdac for ransom to get the AllSpark.

  • Home Is Where the Spark Is
    The gang finds a new home base in an abandoned car plant.

  • Blast From The Past
    Animatronic dinosaurs wreak havoc on the city after being moved from a theme park.

  • Thrill Of The Hunt
    Ratchet struggles with his past while the Autobots investigate a mischievous muscle car.

  • Nanosec
    A high-velocity criminal threatens the city.

  • Total Meltdown
    An experiment gone wrong transforms a scientist into Meltdown, whose touch can corrode anything.

  • Along Came A Spider
    The Autobots' first Halloween is marred by their encounter with a giant spider that has ties to the Decepticons.

  • Sound And Fury
    Bulkhead suspects Sari's toy robot of evil deeds.

  • Lost And Found
    The Autobots go face to face with two new Decepticons, Lugnut and Blitzwing.

  • Survival Of The Fittest
    Sari's disappearance leads Prowl and Bulkhead to the Dinobots and a mysterious island.

  • Headmaster
    An angry Sumdac worker takes control of an Autobot.

  • Nature Calls
    The gang investigates an energy signal located in a remote spot in the woods.

  • Megatron Rising, Part 1
    The Decepticons prepare to invade Earth, leaving Prime insecure about his ability to lead.

  • Megatron Rising, Part 2
    The depleted Autobots try to protect the Allspark from the Decepticons.
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