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Transformers: Animated EpisodesSeason 3    

Pazsaz Entertainment Network 's Transformers: Animated Page

  • Transwarped, Part 1
    The Autobots try to warn Cybertron about the traitor in their ranks following Sari's shocking discovery.

  • Transwarped, Part 2
    Megatron discovers a plot to take over Cybertron.

  • Transwarped, Part 3
    Longarm tries to cover his tracks.

  • Three's A Crowd
    Bulkhead hires Constructicons, who have a new leader.

  • Where Is Thy Sting?
    A crazed Wasp seeks revenge on Bumblebee and is followed to Earth by the Elite Guard.

  • Five Servos Of Doom
    Sentinel Prime has incredible success capturing fugitive Decepticons, leading Prowl to suspect he's getting help.

  • Predacons Rising
    A Wasp goes to Dinobot Island while hiding from the Elite Guard.

  • Human Error, Part 1
    The Autobots have a rude awakening on Christmas morning when they discover they've changed into humans after being drugged by a toy version of Soundwave.

  • Human Error, Part 2
    Soundwave has trapped the Autobots in a virtual reality. Now, Sari must free them before Soundwave completely turns them into Decepticons.

  • Decepticon Air
    Decepticon prisoners get loose aboard Sentinel Prime's ship and seek revenge.

  • This Is Why I Hate Machines
    Fanzone is accidentally transported to Cybertron, so Ratchet goes after him.

  • Endgame, Part 1
    In the shadow of an impending Decepticon invasion, Optimus Prime takes steps to upgrade his equipment to prepare for a battle with Megatron.

  • Endgame, Part 2
    The Autobots battle against the Decepticons in the ultimate showdown.
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