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DescriptionShow Description    

Tripping The RiftTripping The Rift premiered on Syfy on March 4, 2004. The starship Jupiter 42 is home to the five fun-loving, trouble-causing characters of Tripping The Rift. Run by anal-retentive Spaceship Bob, the spacecraft sees its fair share of drama and mischief. While Bob does his best to keep politics aboard the Jupiter 42 in order, captain Chode shows off his bad mood, and technician Gus makes sure the ship is in tiptop shape, pilot T'Nuck consistently makes things tense with his love for profanity, and teenager Whip gets by doing very little work. Meanwhile, busty and scantily clad android babe Six keeps the boys wanting more. The gang must put their differences aside for the common cause of keeping the Dark Clowns and the Confederation - two evil forces intent on fighting for complete control of the universe - at a safe distance.

Voice Cast    
Stephen Root
Gayle Garfinkle
Maurice LaMarche
Rick Jones
Gina Gershon/Carmen Electra
Spaceship Bob
John Melendez
Season 1 (2004)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. God Is Our Pilot (Original Air Date 3/4/2004)
  2. Mutilation Ball (Original Air Date 3/11/2004)
  3. Miss Galaxy 5000 (Original Air Date 3/18/2004)
  4. Sidewalk Soiler (Original Air Date 3/25/2004)
  5. The Devil And A Guy Named Webster (Original Air Date 4/1/2004)
  6. Totally Recalled (Original Air Date 4/8/2004)
  7. 2001 Space Idiocies (Original Air Date 4/15/2004)
  8. Power To The Peephole (Original Air Date 4/22/2004)
  9. Nature vs. Nurture (Original Air Date 5/6/2004)
  10. Aliens, Guns & A Monkey (Original Air Date 5/13/2004)
  11. Emasculating Chode (Original Air Date 5/20/2004)
  12. Love Conquers All... Almost (Original Air Date 5/27/2004)
  13. Android Love (Original Air Date 6/3/2004)
Season 2 (2005)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Cool Whip (Original Air Date 7/27/2005)
  2. You Want To Put That Where? (Original Air Date 7/27/2005)
  3. Honey, I Shrunk The Crew (Original Air Date 8/3/2005)
  4. Ghost Ship (Original Air Date 8/10/2005)
  5. Benito's Revenge (Original Air Date 8/17/2005)
  6. All For None (Original Air Date 8/24/2005)
  7. Extreme Chode (Original Air Date 8/31/2005)
  8. Roswell (Original Air Date 9/14/2005)
  9. Santa Clownza (Original Air Date 9/21/2005)
  10. Chode & Bobo's High School Reunion (Original Air Date 9/28/2005)
  11. Creaturepalooza (Original Air Date 10/5/2005)
  12. Chode's Near Death-Experience (Original Air Date 10/12/2005)
  13. Six, Lies And Videotape (Original Air Date 10/19/2005)
Episode Downloads    

  • Tripping The Rift: The Complete First Season
  • Tripping The Rift: The Complete Second Season
  • Tripping The Rift: The Complete Third Season
  • Tripping The Rift: The Movie
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