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T.U.F.F. Puppy EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Big Dog On Campus
    Dudley goes to his school reunion incognito to catch a bad guy.

  • Dog's Best Friend
    Dudley makes an unlikely friend: a killer robot from Snaptrap.

  • Mission: Really Big Mission, Parts 1 & 2
    Dudley and Snaptrap search for broken pieces of a powerful laser, which Snaptrap wants to use in an evil plot involving popcorn.

  • Monkey Business
    A popular boy band need T.U.F.F. to protect them, but Dudley is no fan of theirs.

  • Diary Af A Mad Cat
    Dudley erroneously leaks out Kitty's diary in a mass e-mail, exposing her vulnerabilities to her foes.

  • Dudley Do-Wrong
    The Chameleon poses as the mayor and shuts down T.U.F.F.

  • Puppy Unplugged
    Birdbrain eradicates technology.

  • Freaky Spy Day
    Dudley overhears a voice mail message from Kitty's old partner, Jack Rabbit, asking her to meet up, but Dudley's convinced he's up to no good.

  • Dog Tired
    When Snaptrap gets his hands on a Dream Destroyer, he plans on using it to make Dudley's dreams so good he never wants to wake up.

  • Top Dog
    Dudley eagerly fills in for Chief, and a new group of criminals take advantage of the situation.

  • Quack In The Box
    Two vengeful ex-cons attempt to frame Dudley.

  • Lie Like A Dog
    Dudley does some courageous acts, but he can't admit to them without getting in trouble at work.

  • Cold Fish
    The Caped Cod breaks free and threatens to flood the city.

  • Pup Daddy
    Dudley's coworkers age backward after he unintentionally zaps them with a Young Gun.

  • Candy Cane-ine
    Dudley and Kitty test a candy maker's new security system.

  • Bark To The Future
    The Chameleon pretends to be a future version of Duffy in order to obtain Keswick's new invention.

  • Lights Camera Quacktion
    Quacky the Duck and the Sharing Moose cast the TUFF agents in their latest movie in a genuis plot to get the agents to steal gold and frame them.

  • Happy Howl-O-Ween, Parts 1 & 2
    Dudley and Kitty try to stop Snaptrap, The Chameleon, and Bird Brain from ruining Halloween.

  • Bark To Nature
    After getting information of Snaptrap stealing picnic baskets in Yellowbone Park, the T.U.F.F. agents use Keswick's new RV to drive to Yellowbone Park and stop Snaptrap.

  • Mutts And Bolts
    After getting struck by lightning, Dudley can now predict the future.

  • Dog House
    Snaptrap tries to get close to Dudley under the disguise of a new roommate.

  • Time Waits For No Mutt
    After always being constantly late, Dudley is warned by The Chief that if he's late one more time he is fired.

  • Mud With Power
    Dudley wants to be in charge of something, so he orders creatures called Mudbuglets.

  • Legal Beagle
    Dudley decides to follow a book filled with stupid laws.

  • Hush Puppy
    Kitty, Keswick and The Chief can't support that Dudley yells all the time, so Keswick decides to put Dudley on a special collar that blocks his voice.

  • Quacky Birthday
    Just a few days until Dudley's birthday, both Quacky the Duck and Sharing Moose come to offer a false place to celebrate his birthday.

  • Sheep Dog
    Dudley goes undercover as a lady sheep to catch the Chameleon.

  • Mom's Away
    T.U.F.F. gets information that Snaptrap has taken all the mothers.

  • Love Bird
    Bird Brain invents the "Lovey-Dovey-Kissy-Smoochy" gun, a device that makes his target fall madly in love with him, and give him whatever he wants.

  • Bluff Puppy
    F.L.O.P.P. returns to commit crimes with the help of a buffalo named Bluffalo, who just lies about committing crimes.

  • Rat Trap
    Dudley and Kitty take pity on Snaptrap and plan a staged arrest at the Snaptrap family reunion.

  • Agent Of The Year
    Dudley and Kitty find out they've made the same number of arrests and are tied for the Agent of the Year award.

  • Barking Tall
    Dudley wants to be taller, so he uses Keswick's Growth spray.

  • Bad Eggs
    Bird Brain steals eggs from the delivery ward of a hospital to hatch them with his evil incubator, thus getting a new army.

  • Carbon Copies
    Dudley is playing in Keswick's imagination station, but when he leaves the door open, his imaginations escape and cause havoc in Petropolis.

  • T.U.F.F. Cookies
    As Dudley is sad because he has never been a spokesman, he accepts to be in Quacky the Duck's commercial for his new cookie brand.

  • Subliminal Criminal
    Dudley drinks Keswick's formula to understand criminal minds.

  • Acting T.U.F.F.
    Dudley's favorite actor Woodchuck Norris comes to make a movie at T.U.F.F.

  • Close Encounters Of The Doomed Kind
    Snaptrap steals an alien ship and uses its weapons to wreak havoc on Petropolis.

  • Golder Retriever
    D.O.O.M. search for a gold nugget in a town from the Old West, and their actions could result in the town collapsing.

  • Til Doom Do Us Part, Parts 1 & 2
    Snaptrap, D.O.O.M, and The Chameleon are stealing gifts at weddings. Dudley and Kitty must marry in an attempt to stop them.

  • Crime Takes A Holiday
    The Chameleon disguises himself as the Easter Bunny and goes on a crime spree in Petropolis.

  • Flower Power
    Birdbrain finds a rare flower that makes him indestructible. Dudley and Kitty go to the rainforest to stop him.

  • The Spelling Bee
    The Wanna-bee snatches all the kids at the spelling bee and challenges Dudley to a spelling competition.

  • House Broken
    While T.U.F.F. is away travelling, Snaptrap breaks into Keswick's house to steal his latest invention, the head shrinker.

  • TUFF Choices
    Snaptrap uses an indecision ray on T.U.F.F.

  • Sob Story
    Dudley uses fake tears to get whatever he wants, but his excessive crying soon leads to others questioning his ability to fight crime.

  • TUFF Sell
    Snaptrap buys T.U.F.F. and Dudley continues to work there.

  • Tattle Tale
    F.L.O.P.P. sends Wanna-bee to go and rat out Dudley and Kitty when they get a photo of them sleeping on the job.

  • True Spies
    Kitty and Dudley accidentally eat Keswick's truth syrup and can't stop telling the truth.

  • Bagel And The Beast
    Everyone in Petropolis is convinced that Bigfoot is a robber, so Dudley tries to clear his childhood hero's name.

  • Dancin' Machine
    Dudley teams up with the Chameleon for Petropolis' dancing competition.

  • The Good, The Bad And The Quacky
    Quacky and the Sharing Moose stage a fake reality show and invite T.U.F.F. to compete against DOOM, live on the show.

  • Pup Goes The Weasel
    The Weasel, a super diabolical criminal, has broken out of prison and is after Dudley and Snaptrap.

  • Puppy Pause
    Dudley finds time-stopping gloves that freeze time. Snaptrap steals them and T.U.F.F. must get them back before time stops forever.

  • Match Me If You Can
    An efficiency test reveals that Dudley and Kitty are not well suited as partners, thus they are reassigned.

  • Organized Crime
    T.U.F.F. secretary Tammy is kidnapped by F.L.O.P.P., so Dudley must rescue her.

  • A Tale Of Two Kitties
    Kitty's evil twin sister Katty Katswell swaps places with Kitty to steal the golden fish bowl at the Petropolis Museum.

  • Pup In The Air
    Birdbrain uses an anti-gravity device to fly, however, he cranks the device up and all of Petropolis is floating.

  • Girlfriend Or Foe
    Kitty grows suspicious of Dudley's new girlfriend, Daisy.

  • Scared Wit-less
    Snaptrap poses as a safety instructor and scares Dudley out of being a secret agent.
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