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DescriptionShow Description    

Ugly AmericansUgly Americans  premiered on COM on March 17, 2010. Take New York City, add every horrifying beast, science-fiction freak, and fantasy faerie, shake thoroughly, and you've got Ugly Americans. This follows one Mark Lilly, social worker at the Department of Integration, as he helps new citizens both human and "other" adapt to hectic life in the Big Apple. There are easier tasks than weaning vampires off of blood, socializing land-whales, and housebreaking werewolves, but Mark is up to the challenge. Between his stressful job, a zombie roommate, and a demon ex-girlfriend, Mark's lucky if he can sneak in a few minutes of sleep. But who can sleep when there's a drop-dead gorgeous Mermaid sitting at the bar?

Voice Cast    
Mark Lilly
Matt Oberg
Randall Skeffington
Kurt Metzger
Callie Maggotbone
Natasha Leggero
Leonard Powers
Randy Pearlstein
Michael-Leon Wooley
Frank Grimes
Larry Murphy
Season 1 (2009-2010)
(14 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 3/17/2010)
  2. An American Werewolf In America (Original Air Date 3/24/2010)
  3. Demon Baby (Original Air Date 3/31/2010)
  4. Blob Gets Job (Original Air Date 4/7/2010)
  5. Treegasm (Original Air Date 4/14/2010)
  6. So, You Want To Be A Vampire (Original Air Date 4/21/2010)
  7. Kong Of Queens (Original Air Date 4/28/2010)
  8. Better Off Undead (Original Air Date 10/6/2010)
  9. Kill, Mark, Kill (Original Air Date 10/13/2010)
  10. Sympathy For The Devil (Original Air Date 10/20/2010)
  11. Hell For The Holidays (Original Air Date 10/27/2010)
  12. Trolling For Terror (Original Air Date 11/3/2010)
  13. Soulsucker (Original Air Date 11/10/2010)
  14. The Man-Birds (Original Air Date 11/17/2010)
Season 2 (2010-2011)
(17 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Wet Hot Demonic Summer (Original Air Date 6/30/2011)
  2. Callie And Her Sister (Original Air Date 7/7/2011)
  3. Ride Me To Hell (Original Air Date 7/14/2011)
  4. G. I. Twayne (Original Air Date 7/21/2011)
  5. The Ring Of Powers (Original Air Date 7/28/2011)
  6. Attack Of Mark's Clone (Original Air Date 8/4/2011)
  7. Wail Street (Original Air Date 8/11/2011)
  8. Little Ship of Horrors (Original Air Date 8/18/2011)
  9. Lilly And The Beast (Original Air Date 8/25/2011)
  10. Mummy Dearest (Original Air Date 9/1/2011)
  11. Journey To The Center Of Twayne (Original Air Date 3/14/2012)
  12. Any Given Workday (Original Air Date 3/21/2012)
  13. The Comedy Central Roast Of Twayne The Boneraper (Original Air Date 3/28/2012)
  14. Mark Loves Dick (Original Air Date 4/4/2012)
  15. The Stalking Dead (Original Air Date 4/11/2012)
  16. The Dork Knight (Original Air Date 4/18/2012)
  17. Fools For Love (Original Air Date 4/25/2012
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