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DescriptionShow Description    

I Am WeaselI Am Weasel premiered on the Cartoon Network in July 1997. The extreme intelligence of I. M. Weasel is dramatically offset by the extreme stupidity of I. R. Baboon. The two were born to compete, and compete they do, in every profession imaginable, from astronaut to bridge builder to bathysphere operator. Baboon's jealous rages contrast nicely with Weasel's cool-headed conniving in this franticly animated show. I Am Weasel originated as a back-up cartoon during the Cow & Chicken series, which premiered on Cartoon Network in 1997.

Voice Cast    
I.M. Weasel
Michael Dorn
I.R. Baboon
Charles Adler
Season 1 (1997-1998)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. I. R. On Sun
  2. Deep Sea Tour
  3. I. R. Gentlemans
  4. I Are Big Star
  5. Power Of Odor
  6. Ping Pong At Sea
  7. Disease Fiesta
  8. I. R. Plant Life
Season 2 (1998-1999)
(18 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge
  2. Happy Baboon Holidays
  3. I Am Ambassador
  4. Law Of Gravity
  5. I. Architect
  6. I. R. Mommy
  7. I. M. Deity
  8. I Am Crybaby
  9. I. R.'s Phantom Foot
  10. Queen Of DeNile
  11. I Are Music Man
  12. I Am My Lifetime
  13. I. R. Pixie Fairie
  14. I. R. Ice Fisher
  15. I. R. Role Model
  16. I. R. In Wrong Cartoon
  17. My Friend, The Smart Banana
  18. I. R. Wild Baboon
Season 3 (1999-2000)
(20 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. The Hole
  2. I Stand Corrected
  3. I Am Bush Pilot
  4. The Unsinkable I. R.
  5. Driver's Sped
  6. Dessert Island
  7. I Am Vampire
  8. A Tree Story
  9. Honey, I. R. Home
  10. I Are Good Doggy
  11. He Said, He Said
  12. I. R. Do
  13. Dessert Island
  14. Who Rubbed Out Cow And Chicken?
  15. The Sackless Games
  16. I Am Whale Captain
  17. I Am Hairstylist
  18. I. R. Gladiator
  19. Revolutionary Weasel
  20. The Baboon's Paw
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