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Winx Club EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Winx Club
    A teenager named Bloom discovers she's a fairy and enrolls in the Alfea College for Fairies. She then befriends the Winx, a group of fellow fairies, who assist her in battling the Trix, a crew of evil witches.

  • Revenge Of The Trix
    Blooms seeks answers about her family's past and her sister, Daphne, but the Trix prove to be an obstacle in this endeavor.

  • The Battle For Magix
    The Trix snatch Bloom's Dragon Power, and Bloom learns she has to replenish the power internally through her own self-confidence. Meanwhile, the Winx try to minimize the damage the Trix are causing to the Magic Dimension.

  • The Shadow Phoenix
    Bloom falls prey to the Shadow Phoenix, who wants to take charge of the Magic Dimension by using her Dragon Flame.

  • The Perfect Dress
    Aisha tries to rescue the mermaids on her home planet; the girls get ready for a dance on Solaria.

  • Valtor's Plan
    Cassandra makes a deal with Valtor, and then they transform Stella into a monster.

  • Monster's Escape
    The Winx and the Specialists try to reverse the spell on Stella by looking for the Mirror of Truth, but ice blocks and talons stand in their way.

  • Stella's Truth
    Stella must face her true self at the Mirror of Truth in order to break the curse.

  • Andros In Danger
    The Winx try to assist Aisha with the mermaids on Andros, where they encounter the joint forces of Trix and Valtor.

  • Aisha's Courage
    Aisha has a tough decision: she can either save her sight or save Queen Ligea.

  • Heroes Of The Past
    Aisha uses her newly acquired powers; Bloom prepares for a ball with Stella's assistance; Miss Faragonda divulges a secret.

  • Diaspro's Deception
    Valtor tries to break up Bloom and Sky; Stella goes to great lengths to rescue her dad.

  • Breaking The Mask
    Sky's out-of-character behavior puzzles Bloom until she realizes that he's under Valtor's spell.

  • Taking Over Cloudtower
    The Winx try to save their school from an attack by the students of Cloudtower; Miss Faragonda must square off against Valtor.

  • Facing The Enemy
    Miss Faragonda is missing, so the Winx search for her and encounter traps and evil creatures along the way.

  • A Journey To Lynphea
    The Winx learn they must collect the Black Willow's tears in order to rescue Miss Faragonda.

  • Tecna's Sacrifice
    Tecna makes a bold move involving a crucial portal between Andros and the Omega dimension.

  • Revenge!
    The Winx want Valtor to pay for what happened to Tecna; Bloom learns she can increase her powers, but there are risks involved.

  • Dragon Quest
    Timmy uncovers Tecna's location; Bloom befriends a small dragon who helps her grow stronger.

  • Building Hope
    The Winx try to get Tecna out of the Omega Dimension; an elder tests Bloom's skills and conviction.

  • The Omega Mission
    Bloom and Sky assist their pals in the Omega Dimension, where they encounter White Snake while the Specialists fight convicts.

  • The Museum Of Magic
    Valtor snatches a museum relic while the Winx are visiting Magix, so the Winx try to retrieve it.

  • Back To Solaria
    Stella races to stop her dad's wedding, because the bride-to-be plans on taking control of Solaria.

  • The Pixies Fight Back
    Valtor gains strength as he continues to seize magic; the Pixies defend their spells against the Trix.

  • Beyond The Magic Dimension
    Bloom sets out to get the Water Stars; the Winx encounter Ophir and hesitate to accept his help.

  • Finding Your Way
    The Winx face a challenge in the Red Tower.

  • The Water Stars
    The Water Stars are examined by the Winx; Valtor requests a duel with the school directors; Bloom uncovers news about her biological parents.

  • Seeking The Truth
    The Winx find Cloudtower and look for the Ancestral Witches, who can help Bloom uncover the truth about her parents.

  • Valtor's Fury
    Valtor uses the four elements as weapons, and the Winx try to halt the storm he causes.

  • The Final Battle
    The Winx and Nabu try to rescue the Specialists, who were snatched by Valtor; Bloom uses her Dragon Fire and fairy dust on Valtor.
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