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Winx Club EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Wizards Of The Black Circle
    Bloom is almost captured by a group of wizards, who soon realize she's not their intended target.

  • Fear In Pixie Village
    The Winx head to Pixie Village to safeguard the last fairy on Earth.

  • Winx On Earth
    The Winx relocate to Gardenia and open a magic pet store.

  • Magic Pets
    The Winx search for Earth's last fairy; the Specialists discover the Winx have new allies.

  • Ogron's Spell
    The pets are transformed into monsters by the Wizards of the Black Circle.

  • A Fairy Found
    The Winx locate Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, and try to protect her.

  • I Believe In You
    The Winx acquire a new power when earthlings begin to believe in magic.

  • Hidden In The Country
    An internal voice tells Roxy to visit an old house in the country.

  • Nebula's White Circle
    The Winx find the final gateway to the Earth fairies' prison; Roxy gets possessed and becomes disloyal to the Winx.

  • The Audition
    The Winx try to gain the trust of Gardenia's citizens; Musa lands an audition with a music producer.

  • Superheroes
    The Winx act like superheroes to impress Gardenia's citizens; internal squabbles plague the Winx.

  • The Pets' Pursuit
    The Winx persuade Roxy to reveal her secret to her dad; Roxy and Rick get abducted by the Wizards of the Black Circle.

  • Roxy's Energy
    Gardenia's citizens begin believing in the Winx, who then gain strength against the Wizards of the Black Circle.

  • Bringing Magic Back
    The Winx become a powerful group of seven when Roxy joins them and the residents of Gardenia back them.

  • The New Witch In Town
    The Wizards of the Black Circle get three humans to pretend to be irresponsible fairies.

  • The Virtual Hideout
    The Winx enter the virtual world of a video game to safeguard the White Circle.

  • Island Tricks
    The Winx form a band and head to a mysterious island, where distracting mirages deceive them.

  • Diana's Attack
    The exiled fairies and their queen seek vengeance against all humans and the Wizards of the Black Circle.

  • In The Amazon Forest
    The Winx go to the Amazon rain forest to locate Diana and save the Specialists who were abducted.

  • Diana's Redemption
    The Winx clash with deforesters, who are jeopardizing the Amazon rain forest's power source.

  • The Fairy Of Justice
    The Winx are invited to enter a band contest; the Wizards of the Black Circle want to surrender.

  • Aurora's Tower
    The Winx disagree with the Warrior Fairies, who attack Gardenia in retaliation.

  • Bloom's Challenge
    Bloom tries to stop Nebula from unleashing a meteorite of ice on Gardenia, and her courageous act deeply affects Morgana.

  • The Wizards Trap
    The Specialists uncover a sinister plan involving the earth fairies, so they try to reach Tir Nan Og before the Wizards of the Black Circle get there.

  • Home At Last
    The Winx have the chance to save one life, but the Wizards of the Black Circle wreck their plans.

  • Duel In The Omega Dimension
    Peace is prioritized over vengeance, and Morgana returns to Gardenia.
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