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Winx Club EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • The Lilo
    The Winx try to find a magical plant before the Trix get ahold of it.

  • The Spill
    Gardenia regains its faith in magic; Nereus prepares to become a prince.

  • The Rise Of Tritannus
    An oil spill prompts the Winx to hold a benefit concert. Meanwhile, the pollution from the spill turns Tritannus into a monster, and he and the Trix break out of prison.

  • Return To Alfea
    The Winx discover they must obtain the power of Sirenix to win against Tritannus, and Bloom is warned that Sirenix is dangerous.

  • The Sirenix Book
    Tecna helps the Winx look for the Sirenix Book, but the Trix cause some interference. Meanwhile, Tritannus mounts his own search to find the book.

  • The Power Of Harmonix
    The Winx must recognize and safeguard a treasured creature in oder to win a challenge and unlock the Book of Sirenix.

  • The Shimmering Shells
    The Winx get the gem of self-confidence; the Trix and Tritannus' mutants pollute Gardenia.

  • Secret Of The Ruby Reef
    The Winx seek Melody's help with a musical riddle, but Tritannus causes unexpected problems for them.

  • The Gem Of Empathy
    The Winx search for the Gem of Empathy in Zenith. Meanwhile, Musa and Flora look after a volatile Stella.

  • Trix Tricks
    The Trix and Tritannus terrorize Daphne and crash a competition. Elsewhere, the Winx head to Lynphea, hoping to find something that will lead them to the Gem of Courage.

  • Test Of Courage
    The Winx search for the Gem of Courage. Meanwhile, Skye must battle the Trix when they crash the Domino Renewal Ceremony.

  • Sirenix
    Tritannus wants Daphne to share details about Sirenix. Meanwhile, the Winx head to a new frontier, armed with three gems and Sirenix energy.

  • A Magix Christmas
    Bloom gets stranded on Alfea on Christmas, so the Winx must battle the Trix in order to rescue her.

  • The Emperor's Throne
    The Winx try to clean the beaches of Gardenia; Tritannus and the Trix go to the emperor's throne and are surprised by what they find.

  • The Pillar Of Light
    Tritannus' actions jolt the planets, so the Winx must set things right.

  • The Eclipse
    Stella must bring light back to the magic dimension and aid her ill father.

  • Faraway Reflections
    A captured Daphne tries to tell Bloom of Tritannus' plans; Mike and Vanessa clean Garbage Island, but a monster impedes their work.

  • The Devourer
    The Winx must protect the Selkies from a hungry beast sent by Tritannus.

  • The Singing Whales
    Melody's singing whales vanish and the planets are shaken as a result of Tritannus' actions.

  • The Problems Of Love
    Musa uses a childhood lullaby to bring peace to the sea; the Winx study the natural world as they prepare to battle Tritannus.

  • A Perfect Date
    A romantic dinner is arranged for Tecna and Timmy.

  • Listen To Your Heart
    The Sovereign Council meet and discuss what safeguards to use for the Magic Dimension, and the leader of Zenith announces his plan to use androids for his planet.

  • The Shark's Eye
    Bloom learns of a nymph who's under a dark spell and in possession of a power that Tritannus covets.

  • Saving Paradise Bay
    The Winx search for the Breath of the Ocean so that they can save a polluted bay.

  • Battle For The Infinite Ocean
    All of the planets' forces combine to battle Tritannus and Icy before Tritannus activates the emperor's throne.

  • The End Of Tritannus
    Tritannus captures his cousin, who's instrumental to his plan to control the entire dimension.
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