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Winx Club EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Inspiration Of Sirenix
    Daphne's homecoming party gets disrupted by the Beast of the Depths, who was sent by the Trix.

  • The Legendarium
    Faragonda's 100th anniversary is celebrated. Meanwhile, the Trix overtake Cloudtower and join forces with a new witch named Selina.

  • The Flying School
    The Winx get special training at Lynphea College, where Selina's Treants attack them and strip them of their powers.

  • Bloomix Power, Part 1
    The Winx head to the gym to prepare for a fight in which they won't use their powers; Flora rescues her sister.

  • Bloomix Power, Part 2
    The Winx and Daphne encounter some troubling sprites in the Golden Auditorium.

  • Vortex Of Flames
    Bloom feels weak after sharing her Dragon Flame, and her enemies seize this opportunity to attack.

  • The Lost Library
    The Winx head to Alexandria to find a fairy godmother who can help them bolt the Legendarium, but a problem occurs when mummies awaken to fight the Winx.

  • Attack Of The Sphinx
    A battle between the Winx and the mummies intensifies when the Sphinx attack and Selina unleashes a fire.

  • Shrine Of The Green Dragon
    The Winx fight off dragons, and the grateful Dragon Tamer gives them info about locating Eldora.

  • The Secret Greenhouse
    Selina pretends to be an ally as the Winx search for a flower, and her trickery nearly leads Bloom to poison Flora.
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