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Xavier: Renegade Angel EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • What Life D-D-Doth
    A seeker must use his healing abilities when a town is infected with a mystery virus.

  • Chief Beef Loco
    Xavier takes gang members under his wing.

  • Weapons Grade Life
    Xavier comes to the rescue of a youngster who is trying to impress his father.

  • The 6th Teat Of Good Intentions
    Xavier must find his inner child in order to help a troubled woman find her babies.

  • Pet Siouxicide
    Xavier surrenders his own freedom to save humanity.

  • World Of Hurt, BC
    A battered woman reaches out for help from Xavier.

  • Bloodcorn
    A factory mix-up brings a dusty town to its knees.

  • Escape From Squatopian Freedom
    Xavier's significant Crystal is stolen.

  • Signs From Godrilla
    Xavier must choose between heart and mind.

  • Shakashuri Blowdown
    Xavier meets his match.
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