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Xavier: Renegade Angel EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Vibracaust
    Xavier helps out a couple who has just lost their son due to a car accident and takes massive amounts of pills to cope. He takes a kid from a church, who he assumes is being sexually assaulted, to replace him. Xavier then tries to stop the monks who are producing the pills.

  • Xavier's Maneuver
    After witnessing and causing the suicide of a window cleaner, Xavier vows to redeem the life of Mr. Squa by becoming the guardian of a mob boss. Through his sly detective work and an encounter with a depressed hitman, Xavier chokes his past with the gift of life. Or is it death?

  • El Tornadador
    When Xavier loses his friend that he made from feathers to the wind he decides to make an enemy of the wind. But when Xavier begins to have too many friends he must decide who his true friend really is.

  • Haunted Tonk
    After Xavier revisits his childhood home, he reconnects with his youth by simply thinking he was visited by himself in the past. The process repeats, and then the Kuttlecrumbs are released.

  • Free Range Manibalism
    Upon discovering that the livestock of a local restaurant are treated better than the glue-huffing hobos outside, Xavier sets off to transform them in order to receive that standard of care.

  • Damnesia Vu
    When Xavier wakes up with no memories, the power of deja vu reigns supreme.

  • Going Normal
    When Xavier feels a lack of gratitude, he considers abandoning his lifequest.

  • Kharmarabionic Lotion
    A reporter gets his scoop on Xavier. Here cometh the twist: It turns out to be a scoop of Lotion. It's pretty cool. Or, did he?

  • Damnesia You
    Xavier feels a sense of deja vu again.

  • Braingeas Final Cranny
    When Xavier runs out of desert across which to ramble, he drowns in a sea of completion.
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