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Yo Gabba Gabba! EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Eat
    Good eating habits are promoted with the song "Party in My Tummy," and actor Elijah Wood stops by to dance.

  • Summer
    Outdoor summer fun is featured with songs, such as "Bubbles" and "Jump Jump Jump." Patience is taught with the "Wait Your Turn" tune. Special guests The Aquabats perform.

  • Fun
    Various ways to have fun are explored. Songs include "Body Music" and "Get the Sillies Out." Biz Markie offers a beat of the day and the Aggrolites perform.

  • Dance
    Celebrating the fun of dancing with songs like "I Like to Dance" and "Body Parts." Hector Jimenez stops in for a Dancy Dance piece. Also, learning to apologize with the "I'm Sorry" song.

  • Sleep
    The benefits of sleep are taught with songs, including "Bedtime" and "Dream." Smoosh performs and Mark Mothersbaugh offers a drawing lesson.

  • Happy
    Overcoming sadness and feeling better is Theme. Songs include "Don't be Scared" and "I'm So Happy." The Salteens perform and Mark Mothersbaugh draws.

  • Friends
    Making friends and showing respect are taught. Songs include "High Fives" and "Hands to Yourself." Mya and Mark Mothersbaugh guest.

  • Careful
    Caution and perseverance are the lessons. Songs include "Danger" and "Shake It Off." Supernova and Biz Markie guest.

  • Move
    Lessons on control and coordination are taught with songs such as "Stop and Go" and "Hands to the Beat." Tony Hawk stops in to demonstrate his skateboarding skills.

  • Greetings
    Learning how to be friendly and polite. The Wolfgramms and Biz Markie perform.

  • Together
    Teamwork and cooperation is Theme. Nikki Flores appears in a "Dancey Dance" segment.

  • Scary
    Learning how to be brave and accept new things. Songs include "Don't Be Afraid" and "Try It, You'll Like It."

  • Halloween
    Celebrating Halloween and learning about the changing seasons. Songs include "The Fall Song," "Halloween Party Song" and "Too Much Candy." Rapper Biz Markie is the guest; the rock band Shiny Toy Guns perform.

  • Car
    The Gabba gang learn about car safety and the fun of travel with "Keep Trying" and "Car Ride", while the song "Danger" teaches them to stay away from the road when playing. Sugarland and Biz Markie guest star.

  • Share
    Songs about sharing include "Mine and Yours," "Don't Take it Away," "Share," and "Catch and Throw." Cornelius and Biz Markie guest star.

  • Find
    The fun of discovery is demonstrated with songs such as "I Like Fish," "Woodpecker" and "Peek-a-Boo." Sean Kingston and Mark Mothersbaugh guest star.

  • Train
    The Gabba gang learns about trains. Songs include "Train Ride" and "Too Loud." Laila Ali and Biz Markie guest.

  • Christmas
    A Christmas-themed episode teaches the joy of giving with songs including "Making Presents" and "For Me For You." Winter and the holiday season are celebrated with "I Love Winter" and "Decorate the Tree." Mark Mothersbaugh appears in a drawing segment.

  • Love
    A love-themed episode features the songs "I Love You," "I Love Flowers" and "Be Nice to Everyone." Also: The Postmarks perform and Mark Mothersbaugh draws an elephant.

  • Imagine
    Lessons about imagination and the body's muscles are delivered with songs including "Pretend," "Tell the Truth," "Balloons" and "Body Parts." Also: The Shins perform "It's OK, Try Again"; and Mark Mothersbaugh draws another picture.
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