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Yo Gabba Gabba! EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Birthday
    Brobee's friends throw him a surprise birthday party. Songs include "How Old Are You?," "My Birthday," "Making Presents" and "Having a Party." Melora Hardin is the guest and leads everyone in a conga line, and the Ting Tings perform "Birthday."

  • Games
    The gang plays games such as hide-and-seek, peekaboo and Simon says. Featured songs include "DJ Lance Says," "Freeze Tag" and "March With Me." Mates of State perform.

  • Talent
    The gang learn they each have different talents, so they all use their special skills to make something. Pro-basketball player Amare Stoudemire shows off his dribbling skills, Mix Master Mike plays "Cool Trick" and Hot Hot Heat perform. Songs include "What Is My Talent?"; "Keep Thinking"; and "Talent Song."

  • Animals
    Foofa explores her love for animals and explains how to take care of pets and plants. Songs include "What Is It?"; "Tracks"; and "I Like to Dance." Jimmy Eat World perform.

  • Weather
    The gang learn about weather as they sing in the rain, frolic in the snow and bask in the sunshine. Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer tell knock-knock jokes and Paul Williams performs "The Rainbow Connection." Other songs include "Rain Song"; "Rainbows"; and "Spring Time Sunny Days."

  • Differences
    The gang celebrate their differences. I'm From Barcelona perform "Just Because It's Different." Other songs include "Razzle Dazzle"; Don't Say Mean Things"; and "All My Friends Are Different."

  • Robot
    The gang learns about machines, electricity and energy. Rhys Darby performs "Cool Trick" and keyboardist Money Mark also performs. Other songs include "I Am a Robot"; "Electric Energy"; and "Robot Game."

  • Teeth
    Muno loses his tooth and gets a visit from the tooth fairy, who sings "The Tooth Fairy" song. Datarock performs "Smile for the Camera." Other songs include "Being Different Is Cool"; "Wiggle Wiggle Baby Tooth"; "Tooth Fairy Waltz"; and "Baby Teeth."

  • Clean
    The gang learn the importance of tidying up their toys and cleaning themselves as they wash their hands, brush their teeth and play with bath toys. Rachel Dratch guest stars and Chromeo perform "Nice and Clean." Other songs include "Tiny Ugly Germs"; "Bath Time"; and "West Dubb."

  • Green
    We learn about the importance of caring for the earth they live on by recycling and taking care of plants.

  • Space
    We go on a space adventure with the gang.

  • New Friends
    Jack Black gets lost in Gabbaland. After meeting the Gabba gang, he becomes friends with them and they refuel his minibike. But before returning home, he sings and does a dance called the Disco Roll. Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer also make appearances.
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